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08 Jan 2019
Released GPxPatch 4.52

See the changelog for a list of changes.

30 Dec 2018
Released GPxPatch 4.51

Best wishes for 2019. See the changelog for a list of changes.

25 Dec 2018
Released GPxPatch 4.50

Merry Christmas! See the changelog for a list of changes.

19 Nov 2018
Released F1PerfView 1.27

Added clutch and handbrake telemetry data (only supported by LFS and generic .csv files).

16 Nov 2018
Released GPxPatch 4.45

See the changelog for a list of changes.

13 Mar 2016
Released GPxPatch 4.44

See the changelog for a list of changes.

13 Feb 2016
GPxPatch issue tracker

The GPxPatch issue tracker is now officially opened.

30 Aug 2015
Released GPxPatch 4.43

See the changelog for a list of changes.

26 Aug 2015
Released GPxPatch 4.42

Fixed reading team power settings from performance files.

25 Aug 2015
Released GPxPatch 4.41

See the changelog for a list of changes.

23 Aug 2015
Released GPxPatch 4.40

See the changelog for a list of changes.

06 Oct 2014
Released GPxPatch 4.30a

This is a bug fix release for the tread and wheel textures.

05 Oct 2014
Released HOFxLap 3.15

Additionally shows if 4 wheels were off-track with the kerbs not being part of the track.

Released GPxPatch 4.30

Added support for car specific tread and wheel textures, and more. See the changelog for a list of changes.

04 Jun 2014
Released GPxPatch 4.24a

This is a bug fix release for the pit communication event sounds.

30 May 2014
Released GPxPatch 4.24

See the changelog for a list of changes.

28 Oct 2013
Released GPxPatch 4.23

See the changelog for a list of changes.

20 Jun 2013
Released GPxPatch 4.22

Includes race progression tower in GPxSAT digital 2010 mode. See the changelog for a list of all changes.

10 Jun 2013
Released GPxPatch 4.21

Includes support for national flags behind the driver name in GPxSAT digital 2010 mode. The flag images and driver nationalities are not included in the installation. Also includes 3D sound for GP4. See the changelog for a list of all changes.

05 Jun 2013
Released GPxPatch 4.20

Includes yellow track zones, extended custom track file length, scaling options for panels, and a lot more. See the changelog for a list of all changes.

13 May 2013
Released GPxPatch 4.10

Includes a new Digital 2010 mode for GPxSAT, new custom track features, and more. See the changelog for a list of all changes.

02 Apr 2013
Released GPxPatch 4.02

This is a bug fix release to make GPxPatch compatible again with GP3 and GP4 1.00.

30 Mar 2013
Released GPxPatch 4.01

This version should work in combination with CSM mods and TSM. See the changelog for a list of changes.

20 Mar 2013
Released GPxPatch 4.00

In co-operation with Addie Walti, full GP4 custom track support has been implemented. Custom track builders should read the GPxTrack documentation if they want to comply fully with GPxPatch, although effort is done to support existing custom tracks without modification.

Other improvements include 100 panels and color/alpha blending in GPxCInfo, tyre type in lap log, and more.

Revised Pau by Addie Walti

Addie released a revised version of the Circuit de Pau / France. It's the first track to support GPxPatch 4.00. I've used this track with much pleasure to test the new track manager.

17 Mar 2013
GP2Lap is now open source

I've published the GP2Lap source on GitHub. A small part related to saved game authentication is left out.

12 Feb 2013
Released GPxPatch 3.94

This version enables you to customize the keys (X and C) for looking left and right in the cockpit.

29 Apr 2012
Released F1PerfView 1.26

Had a discussion with MerlinC2000, which resulted in adding an Inverse Corner Radius item, and a few extra options.

08 Apr 2012
Released MijnRallyCenter 1.0.2

An Android app to show rally results organized by mijnrally.nl. Only interesting for the contestants involved.

01 Jan 2009
Released GPxPatch 3.93

This version contains some fixes and minor features. Happy 2009.

29 Nov 2008
Released RBRLap 1.0

Simple commandline utility to show information about a replay and optionally extract the car setup to a file. Handy to keep in your Replays folder.

24 Sep 2007
Released GPxPatch 3.92

This version contains some fixes I made right after I released 3.91 but never made it into a new version after I stopped all GPxPatch related activity completely until recently.

28 Aug 2006
Released F1PerfView 1.25

Using 3D instead of 2D data files for LFS track map (track itself is still drawn in 2D).

04 Dec 2005
Changed forum link

Since I have trouble with my old forum I have temporarily changed the forum link to point to the forum at RealGPx. Thanks to Lo2k and Duffer for providing this forum.

15 Jan 2005
Added RSS feed

News items can be read through a RSS feed now.

12 Dec 2004
Released GPxPatch 3.91

Works with GP4 1.00 again and contains some GPxSAT fixes and changes.

03 Dec 2004
Released GPxPatch 3.90

Includes new GPxSAT features by Ricky. Also includes several other things and fixes.

18 Oct 2004
Released GPxPatch 3.83

Added a pit siren and several other things.

17 Sep 2004
Released GPxPatch 3.82

Fixed some problems found in 3.81, updated the German translation (by Uwe Mönks), and updated the blue theme notes.htm (by lo2k).

10 Sep 2004
Released GPxPatch 3.81

See the changelog for a list of changes.

30 May 2004
Re-released GPxPatch 3.80

Works with GP4 1.00 again.

29 May 2004
Released GPxPatch 3.80

Added GPxSound for GP4.

12 May 2004
Released GPxPatch 3.71

Contains random seed for unlimited practice session.

30 Apr 2004
Released F1PerfView 1.24

Fixed a crash when adding files using the normal file dialog.

24 Apr 2004
Released GPxPatch 3.70

Contains the new GPxSAT digital 2004 mode, by Markus Krötz (graphics by Pablo Borzi).

Released F1PerfView 1.23

See the changelog for a list of changes.

09 Apr 2004
Released CSFuel 2.01

Also works with GP3-2000 setup files now.

03 Apr 2004
Released CSFuel 2.0

Also works with GP3 and GP4 setup files now.

14 Feb 2004
Released GPxPatch 3.61

Updated physics patching so it understands GP4Phys 1.03 .g3p files.

10 Feb 2004
Uploaded a new GPxPatch 3.60

Yesterday the foreign language dll's were not working for the GPxSAT and GPxCInfo tab. It should work again in this new version (uploaded it on 10-02-2004 at 1:10 AM).

08 Feb 2004
Released GPxPatch 3.60

Added an extended pause mode. This means that when the game is paused you are able to do what you always wanted to do but were not able to. The option is turned off by default, in case it gives certain side effects (I didn't get any, but I didn't test it extensively). You can find the option on the main GPxPatch tab. Setting the option to indeterminate requires you to press Enter to active it when the game is paused.

18 Jan 2004
Released GPxPatch 3.56

Pitstop bug fix is now optional.

Released HOFxLap 3.14

Shows information about pitstop bug fix and minimum/maximum speed each lap (since GPxPatch 3.56).

28 Dec 2003
Released GPxPatch 3.55

I've tried to fix the pitstop bug in GP4. Please report and send a saved game of it if it still happens.

13 Dec 2003
Released GPxPatch 3.54

Announcement: GPxSAT is under development again. Markus Krötz decided to try to take over the project to add some new screens. The first screen he has added is a penalty screen. He also fixed a few bugs.

03 Dec 2003
Released GPxPatch 3.53

Adds driver input items and rotating image control in GPxCInfo.

11 Nov 2003
Released GPxPatch 3.52

Adds driver help items in GPxCInfo (download this file for an example; unzip in the gpxpdata\pnl directory and select helpdemo\panel.ini in GPxCInfo).

04 Nov 2003
Released GPxPatch 3.51

Adds a GUI for creating custom panels.

02 Sep 2003
Uploaded German translation of the documentation

It was translated by Peter "jatori" Groh and Tom Dobrokovsky and it is up to date with version 3.50.

30 Aug 2003
Released HOFxLap 3.13

  • Showing if save/restore car state feature was enabled.
  • Added support for quicklaps files.
  • Fixed gpxlap_stat_f5 to be gpxlap_stat_f7 in alternative output.
31 Jul 2003
Released GPxPatch 3.50

Adds a pit setup menu and save/restore of car state.

14 Jun 2003
Released GPxPatch 3.40

Enables in-car setup changes (brake balance and differential).

05 Jun 2003
Released F1PerfView 1.22

Added support for multiple tracks when reading LFS RAF files.

31 May 2003
Released HOFxLap 3.12

Fixed setup shown twice and fastlap position for GP3-2000.

28 May 2003
Released GPxPatch 3.37a

Just one fix: session specific fuel laps and consecutive cars would be 0 instead of the default when empty (thanks David Winder for finding this).

27 May 2003
Released GPxPatch 3.37

This version still doesn't contain in-car setup changes yet, but it does contain some fixes and new little features.

19 May 2003
Released HOFxLap 3.11

Added support for GPxPatch 3.36.

18 May 2003
Released GPxPatch 3.36

This version doesn't contain in-car setup changes yet. It's just meant to get the old stuff released first.

19 Apr 2003
Marc Aarts has released a new CMagic4

It is now compatible with GP4 1.02.

17 Apr 2003
Re-Released HLFind 1.0.29

Now considers reserved slots when joining a server.

29 Mar 2003
Re-Released GPxPatch 3.35

Version is the same as yesterday, except it contains a Russian translation of the dialogs, done by Yuri Kuznetsov.

28 Mar 2003
Released GPxPatch 3.35

Contains a fix for the track problems.

22 Mar 2003
Released GPxPatch 3.34

Contains bug fixes and a few new advanced options.

14 Mar 2003
Released GPxPatch 3.33

See changelog for the list of changes.

01 Mar 2003
Re-released GPxPatch 3.32

This time it includes the Spanish translation.

27 Feb 2003
Released GPxPatch 3.32

See changelog for the list of changes.

18 Jan 2003
Released GPxPatch 3.31

Some bug fixes.

Released HOFxLap 3.10

Added support for GP4 1.02, added tyre and plank wear, and fixed some bugs.

09 Jan 2003
Fix GPxPatch for GPxSound

GPxSound (GP3 only) seemed to be broken in version 3.30, so I've uploaded a new 3.30 with a fix for it.

08 Jan 2003
Released GPxPatch 3.30

Added support for GP4 1.02 (patch 9.6). See changelog for the complete list of changes.

30 Dec 2002
Updated graphics for GPxPatch 3.20

The graphics in the installation executable were not updated by accident. A new inst-gpxpatch320.exe has been uploaded to correct this problem. If you had already downloaded it before 11 am CET then you can download the graphics separately here.

29 Dec 2002
Released GPxPatch 3.20

See changelog for the list of changes. Please note that it does not support GP4 1.02 yet (patch 9.6).

12 Dec 2002
Released F1PerfView 1.21

See changelog for the list of changes.

08 Dec 2002
Released F1PerfView 1.20

Added support for Live For Speed. See changelog for the complete list of changes. If you haven't checked out this sim yet, go give it a try. It has a free fully functional demo, including support for multiplayer over internet.

02 Dec 2002
Searching on the message board

Maarten (the board maintainer) has implemented new search code in the board, since the old one didn't scale properly with the increased number of messages on the board. The new one is very fast, but still has less features:

  • you can only search for single words.
  • you can only search in message bodies (not author, subject, ip, email).
  • the score of each result is always 1.
  • all old messages are currently being added to the search index, but at the moment only the last 3 months or so have been added. The board may be locked while old messages are added.
Happy searching and thanks Maarten :)
22 Oct 2002
GPxPatch: Bug in physics patching in GPxSet

Luc Segers from GP4 League pointed out to me that the car behavior was different between using GP4Phys.exe and GPxSet to patch the physics. The checksums were also different. The reason was a bug in the patching of downforce coefficient and will be fixed in the next version. In the meantime, I suggest that leagues using custom physics mandate that those are patched using GP4Phys.exe. Sorry for the inconvenience.

09 Oct 2002
Released GPxPatch 3.10

This version enables all graphical features for GP4, including Marc Aarts' GPxSAT, which has been extended to include the digital tv timing mode. Note that to disable GP4's timing info you have to turn off the option "tv overlays" in the graphics options menu. Also note that GPxSound does not work for GP4 yet.

05 Oct 2002
Forum up again

After having been down for more than a month the forum is finally up again.

20 Aug 2002
New GPxPatch 3.03

Quick fix that solves the problem of sessions not stopping.

Released HOFxLap 3.02

Shows frame rate changes that was added in GPxPatch 3.03.

19 Aug 2002
Bug in GPxPatch 3.03

There is a bug in GPxPatch 3.03 that sets the post-session duration to 6000 seconds instead of 6. You can work around this by putting the following line in gpxpdata\gpxlap.ini, under a section called [Misc]:

Use Notepad to edit the file.
18 Aug 2002
Released GPxPatch 3.03

Logs frame rate changes and fixes some issues. Also added German (by Uwe Mönks) and Italian (by Antonio Russo) translation.

11 Aug 2002
Released F1PerfView 1.11

See changelog for the list of changes.

07 Aug 2002
Released F1LapView 3.00

Added support for GP4.

11 Jul 2002
Released F1PerfView 1.10

Added support for GP4 and added some new features. See changelog for the complete list of changes.

05 Jul 2002
Released GPxPatch 3.02

Fixed bug that caused 3.01 to crash on any GPx version except GP4.

04 Jul 2002
Released GPxPatch 3.01

Made some bug fixes.

Released HOFxLap 3.01

Fixed some GP4 setup issues.

02 Jul 2002
Released HOFxLap 3.00

Added support for GP4, and shows split times for each lap.

30 Jun 2002
Released GPxPatch 3.00

See changelog for the list of changes.

25 May 2002
Released HLFind 1.0.28

I finished this version already half a year ago, but never released it. See changelog for the list of changes.

18 Mar 2002
Released HOFxLap 2.01

With this version you can see what random seed was used.

Released another new GPxPatch 2.21

This one should really have a working GPxSet now, hopefully. I have also fixed the edit button in GPxTrack.

17 Mar 2002
Released GPxPatch 2.21

See changelog for the list changes.

09 Mar 2002
Released GPxPatch 2.20

Added support for .g3p physics files and implemented a random seed feature.

Important note: if you load a .g3p physics file, make sure it was saved with GP3APE 1.03 and is 196 bytes. Anything else will give undefined results.

28 Feb 2002
Another small update of HOFxLap (version 2.00b)

Added the cc checksum to the -a output.

09 Feb 2002
Released F1LapView 2.00

No new features, just added compatibility with GP3-2000.

03 Feb 2002
Small update HOFxLap (version 2.00a)

Removed trailing 'h' from the cc checksum (it was to indicate that it's hexadecimal, but that's not relevant). Also updated the changelog in the HOFxLap documentation, since it was missing some entries.

02 Feb 2002
Released GPxPatch 2.10 and HOFxLap 2.00

To see the small list of changes, see the GPxPatch changelog and HOFxLap documentation. It boils down to authentication support for GP3-2000.

21 Jan 2002
GPxPatch birthday

Today is the birthday of GPxPatch, which I want to celebrate with the announcement that I will release new versions of both GPxPatch and HOFxLap (currently being beta-tested), containing support for authentication of GP3-2000 saved games/hotlaps, and thus enabling leagues to use GPxPatch together with GP3-2000.

16 Nov 2001
Released GPxPatch 2.03

For a list of changes, see the changelog.

This is the last version of GPxPatch for the time being (unless it contains serious bugs), so please don't ask for more features to be added.

28 Oct 2001
Released GPxPatch 2.02

This version extends the Art tab with more options. Livery sets are now replaced by season sets and car sets, so any livery sets for 2.01 will not work with 2.02.

For a complete list of changes, see the changelog.

28 Sep 2001
Released GPxPatch 2.01

Mainly some bug fixes that were introduced with version 2.00. It also adds the possibility to select a car shape to use so you don't have to use Paul Hoad's Car Editor to patch the exe.

For a complete list of changes, see the changelog.

21 Sep 2001
CMagic 2000 available

Marc Aarts has released his CMagic 2000 program through my site (he has closed down his own site unfortunately). This program is needed to put magic data into tracks that can be read by GPxTrack. This allows you to put each track into a different slot. It also allows track makers to finetune their tracks for GP3-2000. It can be downloaded from the download page.

Minor update GPxPatch 2.00

Note about the GPxPatch that was released last night: There was a problem with the liveries paths, which resulting in either a GP3 crash or in completely transparent cars. I've fixed this now and uploaded a new installation file. If you have downloaded it before Sep 21, 10AM CET then you need to redownload it. The correct inst-gpxpatch200.zip should be 381837 bytes in size.

Released GPxPatch 2.00

This version works with GP3 1.00, GP3 1.13, and GP3 2.00 (GP3-2000). It also adds a livery manager so you can have 22 different liveries (thanks Marc for helping out with this, hopefully you'll return and release CMagic 2000).

For a list of things added in this version, see the changelog.

02 Sep 2001
Released HLFind 1.0.27

Now possible to retrieve a server list from WON that contains only servers running a specific mod (see changelog).

14 Aug 2001
Released GP2Lap 1.15

A bit unexpected since it has been 18 months since the last update, but there's a new version of GP2Lap. It includes a fix for the country adjectives (Frank fixed this a long time ago already, but it was never released), and it adds a new page ('1') with info about gear, revs, and speed.

Released HOFxLap 1.0.5a

Seems 1.05 couldn't load hotlaps anymore. This is fixed now.

13 Aug 2001
Released HOFxLap 1.0.5

Added an option to change the font, since some people complained about the font being too small.

30 Jul 2001
Released HLFind

Fixed a few bugs (see changelog).

28 Jul 2001
Released GPxPatch 1.31

I got a good tip from Cesar Mello from Brasil regarding multiplayer games. If it would be possible to make GP3 use an IP address instead of doing a LAN broadcast message, it would be possible for the client to join a session over the internet. So I went to work and patched GP3's calls to DirectPlay (just a small hack). Now we could do a multiplayer session over the internet. Just one warning: you'll need a good connection for this, and even then you can't really play with more than 2 players! Some people already played over the internet by using Kahn, and this is just the same except you don't need Kahn anymore.

This version also has the lap times and fastest lap times (without splits though) listed in ATL in non-race sessions.

09 Jul 2001
Released a new HLFind again (

The number of players and the maximum number of players are now split into separate columns.

08 Jul 2001
Released HLFind 1.0.26

Now you always use the host name instead of the ip address. Host name can be resolved from the ip address in the server properties dialog.

07 Jul 2001
Added a Spanish translation of the GPxPatch documentation

Thanks to Claudio Alonso, who offered to translate the GPxPatch documentation to Spanish.

05 Jul 2001
New member on the GPxPatch team

I'm happy to announce a new member on the GPxPatch team, Radu (GPXFan). Radu is going to help me with the event sounds. Specifically, he's going to work on multiple sounds for an event, and on a sound queue so they will be played after each other, not at the same time. Actually, he has done most of the work already and sent me his source code. I was impressed so I asked him to join the team. Good luck, Radu.

30 Jun 2001
Released HLFind

Now you can manually add a server by host name (requested by Colin Buckler).

24 Jun 2001
Released GPxPatch 1.30

Adds a first version of event sounds. See the changelog for more information.

10 Jun 2001
Released GPxPatch 1.22

Minor update that fixes some problems and adds some small stuff. See the changelog for more information.

05 Jun 2001
Released HLFind 1.0.25

Minor update for showing the reserve_slots rule of servers using the Admin mod.

27 May 2001
Forum up again

You can use the regular forum again.

25 May 2001
Forum down

The forum is down again. For now you can use a temporary forum to post your messages.

20 May 2001
Released GPxPatch 1.21

See the changelog for more information.

18 May 2001
Released GPxPatch 1.20

This version adds 3D opponent car sound to GP3. See the changelog for more information. Note that you can use the 'T' key to see the time left in GPxSAT.

29 Apr 2001
Released F1LapView 1.10

Now possible to load GPxLap extended GP3 saved races.

23 Apr 2001
GPxPatch 1.10 roundup

The latest version of GPxPatch has fixed some problems but also added some new ones. I'll summarize the problems that have been reported. We're trying to solve them, so you don't have to report them to us anymore.

  • Black font background and blue background in finish flag. This is probably caused by the fact that some video cards don't support 3D colorkeying (this means making a specific texture color transparent), most notably TNT, TNT2 and similar video cards.
  • White blocks instead of text. Still investigating this one.
  • Nothing visible in linked multiplayer mode. This bug is not new, but fixing it has received higher priority since the latest additions of visual features.
  • Different grip and/or other physics. This is a tricky one, as I didn't change anything physics related on purpose.
  • gpxsat.log says that the hooks fail.
  • This is bug in the error handling. The hooks work fine, so don't worry. If GPxSAT doesn't work then the problem is something else.
  • GP3 crashing after a random period when using GPxPatch.
  • Some characters not shown. Most notably in German. Marc changed the font for this to fix it, which you can download now.
  • GPxTrack doesn't write back new records to custom track file. This is by design, since I don't want to update track files. I'll try to make a patch that can save records of any track and custom track into a separate .ini file, which also solves the problem of records.rec only containing records of 16 tracks.
22 Apr 2001
Text positions in GPxCInfo

One thing that didn't make it into GPxPatch 1.10 is customization of the positions of the external car info (GPxCInfo). You can do this manually by putting a gpxcinfo.ini file into the gpxpdata directory and put the following in it (this example will put it to the right; negative numbers are added to the right/bottom):

You can also download this gpxcinfo.ini file.
21 Apr 2001
Released GPxPatch 1.10

Contains a first beta version of At The Line. Also contains bug fixes and a much improved GPxSAT. See the changelog for more information about what's new.

13 Apr 2001
Released HOFxLap 1.04

Fixed the car number in the GPxLap output (thanks to Willem van der Steen for reporting this bug).

09 Apr 2001
Forum up again

Temporary forum messages have been merged (thanks Maarten)

08 Apr 2001
Temporary forum

Maarten van Schouwen, who maintains my forum, has provided for me a temporary alternative. It can be found at this link.

06 Apr 2001
Forum down

The server running the forum is currently down. Maybe this will last the whole weekend.

05 Apr 2001
Released HOFxLap 1.03

As promised, a new version of HOFxLap. To see what's new, check the documentation.

02 Apr 2001
Released GPxPatch 1.04

Contains a first beta version of Marc Aarts' Speed and Time extension. Some other new things can be found in the changelog.

21 Mar 2001
Released GPxPatch 1.03

This release fixes the reported bugs (see changelog).

19 Mar 2001
Bugs in GPxPatch 1.02

I got some bug reports for GPxPatch 1.02, which I'll summarize here:

  • It still won't work with GP3Video on Win2000. To work around this, hold the shift key wile pressing the Start GP3 button. It will most probably work correctly then.
  • Some info is missing in the HOFxLap output, the average PO in the summary for example. This is caused by the fact that it doesn't recognize the car is driven by a player anymore. I'll fix this soon.
  • The laptime won't stop running when entering the pits in a non-race session. I shall fix this soon too (it's caused by unfinished At The Line code).
18 Mar 2001
Released GPxPatch 1.02

This release does NOT yet contain tv style info or at the line. It's just to release some bug fixes and some small features I have finished last month, but were never released. To see what's new, take a look at the changelog.

15 Mar 2001
Site redesigned

This week I've been busy redesigning the site, so it all looks more consistent and it's easier to navigate. It's optimized for speed and for Opera.

02 Feb 2001
I've sorted out the problem of GPxPatch 1.01 with GP3Video. So this will be fixed in the next release.
27 Jan 2001
Released GPxPatch 1.01

Main things added in v1.01: Support for Windows 2000 and view of gear/revs/speed in external view (thanks to Marc Aarts for both testing on Windows 2000 and for supplying the font).

26 Jan 2001
Released HOFxLap 1.02

Added in v1.02 is support for GPxLap extended data in saved games/hotlaps.

22 Jan 2001
One of the features of GPxPatch is the support for a lot of track specific data in gp3.exe to be in the track file. Track makers who want to put this data into their track file need to download Marc Aarts' CMagic tool. It can be found on his site.
There have been reports that GPxPatch doesn't work correcly on Windows 2000 Pro with Service Pack 1. I'm currently investigating the problem, and hopefully I will get it to work correctly. For now, try to use Windows 9x to run GPxPatch, if you can.
21 Jan 2001
Released GPxPatch v1.00

This is the successor of GP2Lap. It's a real-time extension for GP3. The first release includes a track manager, extended save games, screenshot key, an in-game log viewer (hardware acc. graphics mode only), 'gp3split', and more.

Note that the current HOFxLap can't view the extended info in saved games/hotlaps yet. I'll release a new version that supports it probably tomorrow.

16 Jan 2001
Uh oh, problems...

A serious problem was found, it'll take me a lot of time to fix this, sorry (and this was the last time I set a release date).

15 Jan 2001
GPxPatch almost done, part 2

Looks like I didn't make it this weekend either. But it's only a matter of the finishing touches before I can release it. Don't set your expectations too high though, because there's still a lot of features missing (compared to GP2Lap).

08 Jan 2001
GPxPatch almost done

Sorry for the wait, but it looks like I didn't finish it in time before the new year started. I've got it ready to release, but I'm just adding a GUI launcher to it and a help file, so it'll be easier for everyone to use. I hope I can release it this weekend. I'll need to sort out these pages too, actually...

02 Dec 2000
Released HOFxLap 1.01

  • Besides a lot of new info and some bug fixes, this version includes a GUI version. Read the help file for more info about bug fixes and added features.
  • Of interest to file checkers is the fact that for hotlaps I've changed the moment in time of some of the fields. They are now shown as they were at the start of the hotlap. The reason is that the other time frame is at the moment of saving the hotlap, which is arbitrary. Affected fields are: driver aids, weight, and fuel laps.
26 Nov 2000
Released HOFxLap 1.00.

22 Nov 2000
Frequently asked question: "When is GP3Lap coming out?". Answer: I've planned it to be released before the end of the year. It will probably be called GPxPatch. The 'x' is there so I won't have to change the name for each successor Hasbro releases, and it's not called GPxLap because that will be the name of one of the components of GPxPatch. Some more info for the news hungry freaks:
  • Andy Barganski is working on official timing info.
  • Frank didn't have time to work on GPxPatch unfortunately.
  • What I have so far works well with GP3 1.13.
  • I'm currently working on HOF3Lap. Marc Aarts is doing some testing for us, and is also working on his own hotlap checker (a GUI version). I've planned to release HOF3Lap this weekend, which will be similar to the HOF2Lap of the pre-GP2Lap era. It will also work on Linux and some BSD variants.
13 Nov 2000
Thanks to everyone who responded to the GP3 graphics mode poll. It looks like most people are running GP3 in hardware mode at 800x600 or at 1024x768 resolution. This means that gp3lap will support only hardware mode in the first version, optimized for these resolutions. I'll see if support for software mode can be added later, although my guess is that more and more people are going to use hardware mode.
New forum

I've replaced the old forum with a new forum. The reason is that the old forum was using an ugly advertisement banner and also javascript. The new forum was made completely in php3, and doesn't use a banner (because it was made for free by Laurent at PHP lab). I've done some effort to copy the messages of the last seven months to the new forum, but I lost the thread hierarchy and the dates for them. Thanks goes to Sweep for help and providing a server to run the forum on.

28 Oct 2000
Graphics mode poll

I've made a votelet (poll) to find out what graphics mode most of you are using in GP3. This will give me some feedback that will help me make some priorities in making GP3Lap. Thanks in advance for your answers!

02 Aug 2000
To anyone looking for a GP3Lap and/or a HOF3Lap: I'm currently working on them, so hopefully they can be released within the near future.
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