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For some programs to work, you also need the latest version of the files mfc42.dll and msvcrt.dll. If you don't have these and the program doesn't run, then you'll need to download them: mfclibs.zip (586 kB). Put them in the same directory as the program. If a program complains about msvcp60.dll, then do the same with msvcp60.zip (111 kB).

GPxPatch  4.52  08 Jan 2019
Please check the latest changes in the changelog before running GPxPatch.

GPxPatch is a real-time extension for GP3, GP3-2000, and GP4 that includes features like official tv-style information, detailed on-screen race information, a track manager, a carset manager, extended save games, 3D sound, event sounds, internet play, taking screenshots, and more.

Archive of all versions: 4.52, 4.51, 4.45, 4.44, 4.43, 4.42, 4.41, 4.40, 4.30a, 4.24a, 4.23, 4.22, 4.21, 4.20, 4.10, 4.02, 3.94, 3.93, 3.91, 3.90, 3.83, 3.80, 3.71, 3.70, 3.61, 3.60, 3.56, 3.50, 3.40, 3.37a, 3.35, 3.32, 3.31, 3.20, 3.10, 3.03, 2.21, 2.20, 2.10, 2.03, 1.31, 1.31, 1.30, 1.22, 1.21, 1.20, 1.10, 1.04, 1.03, 1.02, 1.01, 1.00.

To put magic data into track files, you need Marc Aarts' CMagic: for GP3 1.13, for GP3-2000, for GP4 1.00, for GP4 1.02.

More info can be found on the GPxPatch homepage.

File: inst-gpxpatch452.exe (1728 KB)
Documentation: GPxPatch docs
Supported game(s): GP3 GP3-2000 GP4
F1PerfView  1.27  19 Nov 2018
A telemetry data viewer. More info can be found on the F1PerfView homepage.File: F1PerfView.msi (5864 KB)
Documentation: f1perfview_doc.html
Supported game(s): GP2 GP3 GP3-2000 GP4 F1RS MGPRS2 LFS
HOFxLap  3.15  05 Oct 2014
This is the successor of HOF2Lap. It's a game/hotlap file checker for GP3, GP3-2000 and GP4. Linux/BSD versions available for leagues on request.File: hofxlap.zip (49 KB)
Documentation: HOFxLap help
Supported game(s): GP3 GP3-2000 GP4
MijnRallyCenter  1.0.3  22 Mar 2013
Available on Google Play. MijnRallyCenter gives you access to the online rally results organized by mijnrally.nl.
Documentation: Runs only on Android devices.
Supported game(s): RBR
RBRLap  1.0  29 Nov 2008
A simple commandline utility to show replay file information and optionally extract the setup to a file.File: rbrlap.zip (28 KB)
Documentation:  Usage: RBRLap [-s <setup file>] <replay file>
Supported game(s): RBR
CSFuel  2.01  09 Apr 2004
With this command line utility you can change the pitstop strategy in a GPx Car Setup file. Interesting side effect is that it enables you to run with more than the default extra 2 fuel laps with a zero-pitstop strategy.File: csfuel.zip (23 KB)
Documentation: csfuel.txt
Supported game(s): GP2 GP3 GP3-2000 GP4
HLFind  1.0.29  17 Apr 2003
HLFind is a utility that helps you find players on all Half-Life servers. More information can be found on the HLFind homepage.File: hlfind.zip (209 KB)
Documentation: hlfind.txt
Supported game(s): Half-Life
F1LapView  3.00  07 Aug 2002
F1LapView is a graphical race viewer for Windows to compare races logged with GP2Lap/GPxLap.File: f1lapview.zip (30 KB)
Documentation: f1lapview.txt
Supported game(s): GP2 GP3 GP3-2000 GP4
GP2Lap  1.15  14 Aug 2001
Together with Frank Ahnert I've developed a real-time GP2 extension, which includes a hotlap and race logger, ipx network link, in-game standings, track map, and telemetry info, and more. More info can be found on the GP2Lap homepage.File: gp2lp115.zip (175 KB)
Documentation: gp2lap_txt.html
Supported game(s): GP2
F1Bnm  1.7a  08 Feb 2000
A .BNM file editor for F1RS and MGPRS2. It shows information about the sound resources stored in F1RS/MGPRS2 sound bank files. You are able to edit the sound resource and sound event information. Offsets, lengths, sampling rates, 8/16 Bit and Mono/Stereo information is automatically extracted from .WAV files you've selected. New in version 1.7: Shows name and description with file and supports Bnk_2.bnm file.File: f1bnm.zip (32 KB)
Documentation: f1bnm.txt
Supported game(s): F1RS MGPRS2
HOF2Lap  0.56  12 Jan 2000
This is a project I've taken over from Dave 'Gizmo' Gymer. It outputs GP2 hotlap and race file contents, and can produce an authentication code for use in HOF2.5. Things that I've added include support for viewing GP2Lap extended hotlaps and race files.File: hof2lap.zip (165 KB)
Documentation: HOF2Lap Home
Supported game(s): GP2
MGPPower  1.01  20 Mar 1999
MGPRS2 power editor. Edits power of each driver for each track. New in v1.01: 1% extra power (same as original team 5). Visit Audun Pettersen's MGPRS2 Performance page for settings files that can be used with this editor to patch the game.File: part of MGPTools (54 KB)
Documentation: mgppower.txt
Supported game(s): MGPRS2
MGPEdit  1.01  12 Mar 1999
GUI Front end for MGPCkpt. New in v1.01: output window for mgpckpt.exe.File: part of MGPTools (54 KB)
Documentation: mgpedit.txt
Supported game(s): MGPRS2
MGPCkpt  1.0c  02 Mar 1999
A MGPRS2 cockpit editor (Win32 console)File: part of MGPTools (54 KB)
Documentation: mgpckpt.txt
Supported game(s): MGPRS2
F1Set  1.2  10 Jan 1999
An F1RS/MGPRS2 car settings dump utility (Win32 console).File: f1set.zip (5 KB)
Documentation: f1set.txt
Supported game(s): F1RS MGPRS2
F1Cnf  1.02  27 Apr 1998
A F1RS configuration file dump utility (Win32 console).File: f1cnf.zip (4 KB)
Documentation: f1cnf.txt
Supported game(s): F1RS
F1Ghost  1.01  27 Apr 1998
A F1RS ghost file dump utility (both Win32 Windows and console).File: f1ghost.zip (11 KB)
Documentation: f1ghost.txt
Supported game(s): F1RS
SplitTime  1.7  05 Aug 1997
With this util you can view current and best split times on your dashboard while you're driving, as well as other things.File: splittime1.7.lha (21 KB)
Documentation: splittime.txt.html
Supported game(s): Amiga F1GP
AGPLapTime  1.2  17 Jun 1997
This utility logs interesting info during your races.File: agplaptime1.2.lha (52 KB)
Documentation: agplaptime.txt.html
Supported game(s): Amiga F1GP
VBestLap  1.2  11 Oct 1995
A GPLap logfile analyzer. It tries to tell you how fast you can virtually go on a track, by analyzing all the split times.File: vbestlap.zip (19 KB)
Documentation: vbestlap.txt
Supported game(s): PC F1GP
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