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What is GPxPatch

GPxPatch is a real-time extension system for GP3, GP3-2000 and GP4. It patches GPx at run-time to change several aspects within the game and to add functionality of its own. This means it can change and extend GPx's display for example, or how GPx saves hotlaps.

See these screenshots for examples of GPxSAT Digital 2010 mode, which is a GPxPatch extension to show TV style overlays for race information, including standings, split times, a track map with yellow zone indicators, and much more.

Read the GPxPatch Help file for more info.

Download and Installation

Download the latest version from the download page.

To install, run inst-gpxpatch.exe and follow the instructions. If it aborts with a CRC error message, try to download it again. If that doesn't help then your system is most probably infected by a virus and you are strongly advised to run a virus checker first (with the most recent virus database of course).

It's important to install it into the main GP3, GP3-2000 or GP4 directory (where gp3.exe, gp3_2000.exe or gp4.exe is located).

After installation, GPxPatch will be launched automatically. The game can then be launched by pressing the Start GPx button. Note that GPxPatch is not an editor that changes the executable; instead, it will patch it in memory after it has been launched. So if you want to use its features you always have to start the game from within GPxPatch, or directly by using the /R commandine option.

Since version 1.22 GPxPatch links dynamically to the runtime libraries. Usually these are already installed on your system, but if they are not, you'll need to download mfclibs.zip and extract it to the installation directory. You only have to do this if gpxpatch.exe doesn't start (probably without any error messages) and you only need to do it once.

Related Utilities


HOFxLap is a hotlap/game file viewer, mainly used for authentication. The output is similar to the HOF2Lap utility for GP2, but I've rewritten it completely for GP3/GP4. Additionally, I've written a GUI version that dumps the output to a real window.

HOFxLap supports the extended data that's being attached to GPx hotlap and game files by GPxPatch. For more info, take a look at the documentation (also available in Polish, by Pawel Wagner).

The unique hardware ID logged by GPxLap is only available for automized processing on Linux servers.

If you have a Linux server and want to create a league, but don't know how to validate the games and/or hotlaps, you can download software that does this automatically. It's called GPxSite and was made in PHP by Niels Basjes. You'll also need a Linux version of HOFxLap for it. Just send me an email and I'll send it to you.


Marc Aarts has written a tool to put track related data in the GPx executable into the track file itself. This data can then be read by GPxPatch to enable tracks to be put in every slot and also to configure this data for each track specifically. CMagic is available for GP3 1.13, GP3-2000, and GP4. It can be downloaded from the download page.


F1LapView is a graphical race viewer to compare races logged with GPxLap. It combines data from each saved game to create a virtual race as if all cars raced at the same time. This is visualized by drawing a trace for each car from start to finish with a height that is relative to the time difference to the leader. There are also virtual traces of the leader for previous laps, so you can see where other cars have been lapped.


Send all GPxPatch and HOFxLap related mail to: gpxpatch@sdidit.nl (please include the GPxPatch version in the subject). Before you ask a question, please take a look at the GPG Forums to see if there's already an answer to your question. The forum is also the preferred way of asking questions because then everyone can answer your question and also read those answers.

Issue Tracker

Bug reports and feature requests can be entered in the issue tracker. Please follow the rules on the Create issue page.


08 Jan 2019 4.52
  • GPxLap: Fixed quicksave/autosave not working for GP3 and GP3-2000.
  • GPxSet: Added a driver specific CC error chance to the performance file (AKA desc65 in magic data).
  • GPxSet: Track specific performance files can now be edited through the user interface.
30 Dec 2018 4.51
  • GPxLap: Fixed autosave not working when player was leading the race.
  • GPxSet: Fixed patching the braking range: resulted in GP3 having no car failures, GP3-2000 crashing, and some minor issue in GP4.
  • GPxSet: Added experimental cockpit shape patch for GP3-2000. Use a GP3 car shape file (!) to specify the cockpit.
25 Dec 2018 4.50
  • Added manifest to make the GPxPatch look better on a high resolution.
  • GPxLap: Added quicksave and autosave so you don't have to leave the cockpit to save the game. Use F12 for quicksave.
  • GPxSAT: Added an option to render a driver picture above the driver name. Like country flags, driver pictures themselves are not included.
  • GPxSet: Added a driver specific braking range to the performance file (AKA desc51/52 CC aggression in magic data).
16 Nov 2018 4.45
  • Apply MikhailM's refuel timing bug fix (see forum post). Can still be disabled using FixRefuelTimingBug under [Game] section in gpxpatch.ini.
  • Install GPxPatch for each game (GP3, GP3-2000, GP4) separately. This means each will have its own desktop shortcut and uninstallation entry in Windows (at most one for each of the three games).
  • GPxLap: Log real-time standings updates and cars retiring in laps.log (version 8).
  • GPxLap: Added advanced option to specify ATL panel position (using PanelOffsetX and PanelOffsetY under section [ATL] in gpxlap.ini).
  • GPxSet: "Old behavior" setting of "Player car performance team dependent" option now excludes the magic data fix introduced in version 4.44.
  • GPxSet: Fixed empty driver and team names in f1gstate.sav when it is first created.
  • GPxCInfo: Added third toggle state to "Cut-off at min/max" option in image control settings, which will hide the image when the value is beyond the limits.
  • GPxCInfo: Fixed wrapping of ranges of type Session.
  • GPxCInfo: "Pit closed" image of Pit item is now enabled by default. This fixes a problem where the image is not shown when the team mate is pitting.
  • GPxSAT: Added support for car numbers 65 to 99 in classic mode (new blue.tga).
  • GPxSound: Fixed crash when game ends and a sound sample could not be loaded.
13 Mar 2016 4.44
  • Fixed crash in GP3/GP3-2000/GP4 when more than 8 printers or more than 2 video adapters/monitors are installed.
  • Improved compatibility of GP3/GP3-2000/GP4 with Windows Vista/7/8/10, so no compatibility settings of administrator rights should be needed to run the game.
  • Improved system information in log file. Also shows it in both gpxpload.txt (as GPxPatch process) and gpxpatch.log (as GPx process).
  • Default CPU selection for new installations is now 0 instead of All.
  • GPxSet: Added support for patching engine torque curve from GP4 Torque Editor files. Works for GP4 and GP3-2000. Default torque file for GP3-2000 is included in the gpxpdata directory.
  • GPxSet: Excluded magic data from "Player car performance team dependent" option. This means magic data will never affect the player's car.
  • GPxSet: Fixed failure probabilities for race.
  • GPxTrack: Fixed crash in GP3-2000 when a car is damaged and maximum laps is set to 253.
30 Aug 2015 4.43
  • GPxCInfo: Added race mode option to Lap item to show the lap of the leader and in race session only.
  • GPxSet: Fixed tread and wheel texture index being limited to the last team's texture index.
  • GPxSet: Fixed loading a game during a race weekend making all cars stand still.
  • GPxSet: Added advanced option to turn off car specific performances.
26 Aug 2015 4.42
  • GPxSet: Fixed reading team power settings from performance files.
25 Aug 2015 4.41
  • GPxCInfo: Fixed car and team filter for rendering images.
  • GPxSAT: Digital: Added advanced option to specify the format of the driver names.
  • GPxSAT: Added advanced option to specify the maximum number of cars to show during a race.
23 Aug 2015 4.40
  • GPxCInfo: Added a "Radial fill" image control mode.
  • GPxSet: Added support for car specific power and failure probabilities.
  • GPxSet: Added an option to make the player's car grip team dependent, similar to the power team dependent option.
  • GPxSet: Incorporated Belini's player master grip patch. The value can be specified in a performance text file.
  • GPxSet: Performance text files can also be specified under a [TyreManager] section, to patch only tread/wheel textures and arm/rim colors.
  • GPxSet: Added support for separate tread textures for each compound (as promised in the documentation).
  • GPxSet: Fixed random treads on cars when using non-dry compounds (i.e. when it's raining), and using the tread and wheel texture patch.
  • GPxSet: Fixed white treads on cars with tyre brand 2 when not using the tread and wheel texture patch.
  • GPxSAT: Added support for car specific tyre brand logos.
  • GPxSAT: Added jump start penalty screens.
  • GPxSAT: Digital 2010: Show race control message after cutting during a non-race session instead of a black flag.
  • GPxSAT: Fixed warm-up lap text not visible in Digital mode.
  • GPxTrack: Extend the maximum number of race laps from 99 to 125 or 253.
  • GPxTrack: Support for track specific crowd noise and reverb data. These tell where crowds are heard or reverb is applied to the sound.
  • GPxTrack: Crowd camera flashes now depend on "[MAIN VIEW] Draw crowd camera flashes" in f1graphics.cfg instead of "TV style overlays on track cameras".
  • GPxTrack: Removed need for existence of a file named atx.tex to enable animating crowd flags. They're always animated now.
  • GPxTrack: Fixed rain drops being rendered in the pitlane even though it was designated as a dry area.
  • GPxTrack: Always apply track marks related freeze fix (used to be applied with an extended track length only).
  • GPxTrack: Re-read the track .ini file when the track is loaded. Only for aesthetic settings (starting lights, tarmac tone, progress bar, pitlane width ratio, and pitbox shadow).
  • GPxTrack: Track tags for default tracks can now be changed through .ini file just like for custom tracks.
  • GPxPatch: Fixed crash when starting GP3-2000 without debug mode.
06 Oct 2014 4.30a
  • GPxSet: Fixed issues with tread and wheel textures.
05 Oct 2014 4.30
  • GPxSet: Ability to specify 22 tyre tread and wheel textures through the performance text file.
  • GPxSet: Ability to specify 22 rim and arm colors through the performance text file.
  • GPxSAT: Increased maximum number of tyre types (manufacturer logos) from 2 to 11.
  • GPxSAT: Added tyre manufacturer logos for Avon, Continental, Dunlop, Englebert, Firestone, Goodyear, and Pirelli.
  • GPxLap: Added detection of 4 wheels off-track with kerbs not being part of the track.
  • GPxCInfo: Added a pit timer item.
  • GPxTrack: Added a custom track .ini setting for pit box shadow.
  • GPxTrack: Only use special Monaco animation data for original Monaco track.
04 Jun 2014 4.24a
  • GPxSound: Fixed pit communication event sounds.
30 May 2014 4.24
  • GPxTrack: Track specific jam/jip files (GP4 only).
  • GPxTrack: Re-enabled old GP2 track command 0xC9 to set jam/jip palette colors.
  • GPxSound: Added new sound events: starting a session, and winning or losing a specific position during a race.
  • GPxSound: Pit communication event sounds are now mutually exclusive.
  • GPxSound: Event sound paths can now be relative to the sound set (.ini) file.
  • GPxSAT: Digital 2010 mode: Show the P pit icon in qualify/practice as soon as the car is in the pit lane. Added an advanced option to switch to the old behavior.
  • GPxSAT: Digital 2010 mode: Added advanced option to specify the maximum number of cars in the qualify/practice positions tower (QualTowerLeftCars under [Digital2010] section).
  • GPxSAT: Digital 2010 mode: Fixed director's cut while sky messages are shown.
  • GPxSAT: Digital 2004 mode: Lap and time counter will now be yellow under a yellow flag condition.
  • GPxSAT: Digital 2004 mode: Added short session name indicator in non-race sessions. Can be turned off with an advanced setting.
  • GPxSAT: Digital 2004 mode: Added advanced option to hide the Siemens logo (ShowSiemensLogo under [Digital2004] section).
  • GPxSAT: Ignore the DisableRidingWithOnCameraChange advanced setting in digital 2010 mode, and do not disable it by default in digital and digtal 2004 mode.
  • GPxCInfo: Fixed Lap item in qualify to be based on the total number of laps done, when it either counts down or the total number of session laps is shown.
  • GPxSet: Support for car numbers higher than 63 in performance file.
  • GPxPatch: The "My IP" button now shows the external IP address.
28 Oct 2013 4.23
  • GPxSound: Fixed 2D event sounds for GP3-2000.
  • GPxLap: Fixed showing plank/tyre wear after loading a saved game.
  • GPxCInfo: Added option to set the sign (+ or -) for GapFront and GapBehind items.
  • GPxSAT: Remember 'Director's cut' on/off state.
20 Jun 2013 4.22
  • GPxSAT: Digital 2010: Show tower standings in race with race progression (toggle with 'E').
  • GPxSAT: Digital 2010: Show current lap behind leader name in standings (can be turned off with ShowLapInStandings=0).
  • GPxSAT: Digital 2010: Show retirement reason in race control message.
  • GPxSAT: Disabled showing the 'Riding with' screen on camera change, except for classic mode. Can be re-enabled with an advanced setting.
  • GPxSAT: Fixed flags not working when flags.ini doesn't exist.
  • GPxSAT: Fixed Siemens and Tag logo in classic mode.
  • GPxSet: Read optional driver nationality and 3-letter code from performance text files.
  • GPxSet: Specify number of laps in Friday and Saturday practice; default is 23 laps.
  • GPxCInfo: Improved panel saving speed with many info items (should be instant now).
  • GPxTrack: GP3: Extended maximum number of kerb profiles from 32 to 256.
  • GPxTrack: GP3: Extending tracks is now compatible with GP3Video.
  • GPxTrack: Fixed additional crashes for long tracks.
  • GPxTrack: Added extra logging in gpxpload.txt during track compilation.
  • GPxPatch: Added an advanced option to skip the weather menu.
  • Enabled track loading progress traces in debug log (gpxpload.txt). These are prefixed with 'D3D: '.
  • Added timestamps to debug log when verbosity is set to High.
10 Jun 2013 4.21
  • GPxSAT: Digital 2010: Added possibility to show a country flag behind the driver name.
  • GPxSAT: Digital 2010: Only show position during flying lap if personal best was just improved.
  • GPxSAT: Digital 2010: All text colors are now configurable in gpxsat.ini.
  • GPxSAT: Added key bind for tower standings ('F') to keys.ini (SAT_TowerStandings).
  • GPxSAT: Track map X and Y position are now relative to 1024x768 and negative values align to bottom/right.
  • GPxSAT: Fixed horizontal offset of the track map and new default size is 256.
  • GPxCInfo: Added more scaling options for images. The default will now follow the panel scaling.
  • GPxTrack: Extended maximum number of sceneries from 128 to 255.
  • GPxTrack: Fixed some crashes with certain extended tracks.
  • GPxTrack: Fixed crash in GP4 when using a path for the .mr file that is longer than 127 characters.
  • GPxTrack: Fixed race positions on tracks longer than 10 km.
  • GPxSound: Fixed 3D sounds (engines and pit siren) for GP4. For best result, set the 'other cars' sound volume to 0 in the game's advanced sound settings menu.
  • GPxSound: Fixed LoadTrack and ExitCockpit sound events for GP4.
  • Fixed clipping of italic fonts.
  • Fixed drivers.ini and adjectiv.ini being overwritten when installing an update.
05 Jun 2013 4.20
  • GPxSAT: Improved track map with yellow flag zones and better rendering. Show mode is also preserved and contains 3 modes now.
  • GPxSAT: Digital 2010: Added 'normal' standings page for 'B' key. Bottom tower standings are now under the 'F' key. The 'F' toggle state is preserved between launches.
  • GPxSAT: Digital 2010: Added 'interval' page for 'B' and 'F' keys that shows time difference to car in front instead of leader.
  • GPxSAT: Digital 2010: Only show pitstops done in director's cut when at least one car has made a pitstop, and start showing it when switching to the first page.
  • GPxSAT: Digital 2010: Always show split times during qualify ('S' key disabled).
  • GPxSAT: Digital 2010: Fixed finished status in qualify standings during an outlap when no flying lap is allowed anymore.
  • GPxSAT: Digital 2010: ShowF1Logo=2 will only show the F1 logo in external camera views.
  • GPxSAT: Show standings in free practice when number of cars is set to more than 1.
  • GPxSAT: Pressing 'B', 'F', 'V', or 'S' will leave director's cut. Director's choices are reflected in screen info.
  • GPxSAT: Fixed all uppercase team/engine names.
  • GPxSAT: Fixed uppercasing of non-ascii characters.
  • GPxCInfo: Added gear changes info item, which shows the number of gear changes within the current lap. Does not work during a replay.
  • GPxCInfo: Panel area (Left/Top/Right/Bottom) can now specify the design resolution, e.g. 1920x1080.
  • GPxCInfo: Added panel scaling setting to control how the panel scales to different resolutions.
  • GPxCInfo: Added text alignment setting to control how the text of each item is aligned to the specified X coordinate.
  • GPxCInfo: Show the actual coordinates behind info item name in list, not just the text coordinates.
  • GPxCInfo: Show info item type of selected item below list.
  • GPxCInfo: Changed default driver name length in gap front/behind items to 3, and when the length is 3, the 3-letter code will be used (as in GPxSAT Digital 2010 mode).
  • GPxPatch: Assertion logging now also implemented for GP4 1.02. This is useful for track editing to get notifications about certain track limits.
  • GPxTrack: Added option to extend maximum track length from ~8 km to ~10 or ~20 km. World limit of 2.5 km square still applies though.
  • GPxTrack: Load track file relative to trackset directory if trackset is outside the gpxpdata directory.
  • GPxTrack: Added last 10 selected tracksets to choose from.
  • GPxTrack: Support for using original tracks in any slot without changing any files (use the default track file .ini files that are installed in gpxpdata\track\).
  • GPxTrack: Loading custom atx_w_*.tex files for wet weather crowd. Search dirs: atx\ (within .dat's dir), MAPS\<prefix>\, MAPS\Melborne2001\.
  • GPxTrack: Added advanced option to prefix each track name with the slot number. Enable using PrefixSlotNr=1 under [TrackManager] section.
13 May 2013 4.10
  • GPxSAT: New Digital 2010 mode. It's actually based on 2013.
  • GPxSAT: Added shadow to font in Classic mode.
  • GPxSAT: Extended blue.tga (for Classic mode) to include car numbers 31 through 39.
  • GPxSAT: Improved screen info ('1') and key handling. The 'S' key now toggles between gap car ahead, gap car behind, and speed traps.
  • GPxSAT: The digital2004 font size is now 17 by default (was 12).
  • GPxSAT: Keep aspect ratio when scaling images to different resolutions.
  • GPxSAT: Scaling mode for each mode (key Scaling, 0=centered, 1=stretched). Stretching does not affect image size.
  • GPxCInfo: Keep aspect ratio when scaling to different resolutions.
  • GPxTrack: Read custom <prefix>.mr file for track marks instead of maps\resources\marks.mr*.
  • GPxTrack: Patch tarmac color adjustment.
  • GPxTrack: Patch progress bar color.
  • GPxTrack: Patch pit lane width ratio.
  • GPxTrack: Patch track map overlay data.
  • Improved overall font quality.
  • Fixed crash when playing GP4 without soundcard.
02 Apr 2013 4.02
  • Works again with GP3 and GP3-2000 (was broken in 4.01).
  • Works again with GP4 1.00 (was broken in 4.00).
  • GPxTrack: fixed conversion of non-ASCII characters to lowercase in track names and countries.
30 Mar 2013 4.01
  • GPxTrack: Added support for CSM/TSM. The game should not crash anymore when being run by CSM in combination with TSM.
  • GPxTrack: Reading [Settings] from TSM .ini file for tag values. If run from CSM and this is not desired, uncheck 'Catch menu strings' (but this will sacrifice proper alignment of circuit name and corner dots/tooltips).
  • GPxTrack: Use 'wad', 'gpi' and 'loadingscreen' tags from a custom track .ini file to locate the respective files (when not run by CSM). This should make tracks installed by TSM directly usuable within GPxTrack, including tracks based on the PLUS trackpack.
  • GPxSAT: Fixed showing time left in free practice (hidden).
  • GPxSAT: Remember if showing the remaining time/laps was toggled on or off.
  • GPxSAT: Added advanced option to toggle how the remaining laps are shown (specify LapsLeftMode=1 under [Digital] or [Digital2004] in gpxsat.ini to show the current lap instead of laps remaining).
  • Don't store window position if it's 0,0. This happens when opened within CSM.
20 Mar 2013 4.00
  • GPxTrack: Full support for GP4 custom tracks; they are now independent of the selected slot and don't require manual installation anymore. This even works with old custom tracks, as long as their files are within the same directory.
  • GPxTrack: Catch menu strings works for GP4.
  • GPxTrack: Catch records works for GP4.
  • GPxCInfo: Increased the maximum number of panels from 9 to 100.
  • GPxCInfo: Multiple selection when adding existing panels.
  • GPxCInfo: Color and alpha blend mode for text.
  • GPxLap: Added tyre type to lap log (SD = Soft Dry, HD = Hard Dry, I = Intermediate, SW = Soft Wet, HW = Hard Wet, M = Monsoon).
  • GPxLap: Enable show plank and tyre wear in qualify/race by default (hidden by default, show with Shift+L).
  • Remember main dialog position.
  • Create desktop shortcut from installer.
  • Improved .ini file read performance,
12 Feb 2013 3.94
  • GPxPatch: The look left/right keys (X and C) are now configurable in keys.ini (Game_CamLookLeft and Game_CamLookRight).
01 Jan 2009 3.93
  • GPxLap: ATL: Added qualify position to the lap time page during qualify.
  • GPxLap: ATL: Fixed car number during race.
  • GPxLap: ATL: Fixed race fastest lap position after using accelerated mode.
  • GPxLap: Added advanced options for showing plank/tyre wear in qualify/race (key ShowWear/ShowWearInQualify/ShowWearInRace under [Setup] section).
  • GPxCInfo: Added yellow/blue flag/warning items.
  • GPxCInfo: Added item for hotseat state.
  • GPxSet: Fixed GPxSAT mode setting in season set.
  • Added an option in gpxpatch.ini to specify commandline parameters (key CommandLine under the [Misc] section).
22 Sep 2007 3.92
  • GPxCInfo: added longitudal and lateral acceleration items (only works for player car).
  • GPxLap: ATL: lap times screen shows currently fastest cars in magenta, just like standings screen.
  • GPxLap: ATL: fixed fastest sector time for current sector in fastest lap times board.
  • GPxLap: ATL: added advanced option to turn off the 'lock in view' of the selected car (using key DefaultLock under section [ATL] in gpxlap.ini).
  • GPxSAT: Directors cut ('D') setting read from gpxsat.ini (using key DirectorsCut under section [Misc] in gpxsat.ini).
  • GPxSet: added advanced option to specify a new path for samples\gp3sound.dat for GP3 (using key GP3SoundPath under section [SoundManager] in gpxset.ini).
  • Fixed GP4 bug that caused a crash after one lap when at least one driver name did not contain a space character.
  • Fixed GP4 bug that causes a crash right after startup when a printer driver returned no name.
12 Dec 2004 3.91
  • Fixed GPxPatch not working with GP4 1.00.
  • GPxSAT: track lane color is configurable now.
  • GPxSAT: track map buttons behaviour changed: They rotate with the driver's car now. The player's car uses the second half of trackmapbuttons.tga, while the other drivers use the first half of trackmapbuttons.tga.
  • GPxSAT: fixed blinking Siemens logo in practice/qualify.
  • GPxSAT: fixed disabled trackmap when pausing.
  • GPxSAT: fixed microtime box size for different fonts and added an advanced option to use a different maximum name length (default 10).
03 Dec 2004 3.90
  • GPxSAT: added track map display by pressing '8'. This is currently in beta state.
  • GPxSAT: added information map that shows which screens are currently selected by pressing '1'.
  • GPxSAT: Siemens logo support for Digital2004 mode.
  • GPxSAT: pit stops will be shown on classification screen by pressing 'b' (you could switch between timing and pit stops classification).
  • GPxSAT: added director mode (in beta state as all new features) by pressing 'd'.
  • GPxSAT: fixed name problems in Digital2004 mode.
  • GPxSAT: added advanced option to replace 'session over' skymessages. Put ReplaceSessionOver=1 under [Sky] in gpxsat.ini.
  • GPxSAT: microtime remembers display mode.
  • GPxSound: GP4: fixed in-game distorted 3D sounds when engine sound or pit siren was enabled.
  • GPxSound: GP3-2000: pit siren also works without in-game default GP3 sound option enabled.
  • GPxLap: Log: fixed tyre manufacturer.
  • GPxLap: Log: added temperature to the Lap entry.
  • GPxLap: ATL: use the 3 fastest cars at this moment instead of the whole race. A different amount than 3 can be specified in gpxlap.ini using the key NumFastestCars under the [ATL] section.
  • GPxLap: ATL: fixed transparent panel too small when using ATLDigital and large fonts.
  • GPxCInfo: Throttle and Brake item are now scaled between minimum and maximum when rendered as text.
  • GPxSet: added advanced options to specify custom cockpit/steering/helmet shapes for GP3 1.13 (Cockpit, Steering and Helmet under [CarshapeManager]).
  • Keys.ini: added support for the Alt key (and fixed the game's sticky key behaviour when releasing a key with Alt pressed).
  • Keys.ini: added support for left and right Shift, Ctrl, and Alt key.
  • Added advanced option to use the front buffer when making screenshots.
18 Oct 2004 3.83
  • GPxSound: added 3D pit siren sound.
  • GPxSound: added global event sound volume option.
  • GPxSound: fixed "Use voice management" option (it was always interpreted as being checked).
  • GPxLap: ATL: show fastest 3 cars in standings and first 3 cars in fastest lap standings.
  • GPxLap: ATL: changed selection indicator.
  • GPxLap: Log: added TyreManufacturer to Entry record (inserted it before the setup so check the version number if you used to read the setup).
  • GPxLap: Log: added FuelLaps to Lap record.
  • GPxCInfo: added a game time item. Useful for offline leagues with time limited races.
  • GPxCInfo: added option to set the number of decimals for floating point items (e.g. gap front/behind and speed).
  • GPxCInfo: image control Toggle mode also has an upper limit now (threshold range within which the other image will be shown).
  • GPxCInfo: fixed F8 help item (thanks to Shuttle for reporting this bug).
  • GPxCInfo: fixed Transpose mode of image control, which didn't map and scale the end position.
  • GPxCInfo: fixed ctrl+9 clashing with ATL.
  • Spanish translation of the dialogs updated by Jose Luis.
  • French translation of the dialogs updated by lo2k.
17 Sep 2004 3.82
  • Fixed .tga file transparencies.
  • Fixed weird color blending of various panels.
  • German translation of the dialogs made up to date by Uwe Mönks.
  • GPxCInfo: Blue Theme panel: improved Counter Display.tga and updated blue theme notes.htm, by lo2k.
10 Sep 2004 3.81
  • GPxLap: added an option to hide replay menu by default
  • GPxLap: added an option to specify the color of the ATL panel.
  • GPxLap: ATL remembers the selected board.
  • GPxLap: fixed the first two speed traps in text log during non-race sessions.
  • GPxSound: GP3-2000 and GP4: fixed y position (height) of 3D engine sound.
  • GPxSound: GP4: fixed left/right channel of 3D engine sound being swapped in cockpit view.
  • GPxCInfo: added Blue Theme custom panels by lo2k (distributed with GPxPatch). It contains a speed and rev counter, and a position bar. The counter is enabled by default.
  • GPxCInfo: can specify 9 panels.
  • GPxCInfo: added a suggested gear item.
  • GPxCInfo: added a driver name item.
  • GPxCInfo: added a PO (processor occupancy) item.
  • GPxCInfo: added a label item for static texts.
  • GPxCInfo: added filter option to show in specific camera views (instead of just cockpit).
  • GPxCInfo: added filter option to show in specific session modes.
  • GPxCInfo: added filter option to show only for player car or not.
  • GPxCInfo: global image can be specified for multiple tracks.
  • GPxCInfo: added item option to show for specific tracks only.
  • GPxCInfo: each item can have a name.
  • GPxCInfo: added an image control mode 'Transpose' to move an image between two positions.
  • GPxCInfo: added an image control mode 'Toggle' to toggle between two images according to some threshold.
  • GPxCInfo: added an x and y offset to the truncate and scale image control modes.
  • GPxCInfo: frozen value will decrease linearly towards the actual value.
  • GPxCInfo: fixed bug: if an info item was deleted, the last info item was also deleted.
  • GPxSAT: MicroTime remembers if it was toggled on or off.
  • GPxSet: fixed whbridge?.bmp to be whbridg?.bmp in season set tyres tab (thanks ToniCro for reporting this bug).
  • GPxSet: GP3-2000: added an option to specify the GPxSAT mode in a season set.
  • Fonts are always scaled to 96 dpi now, so their size is independent of the system display font size setting.
  • Reworked digital2004 font by lo2k.
  • Added an alternative ATL font by lo2k (you can select it in the GPxLap tab as ATL font).
  • French version of dialogs made up to date by lo2k.
  • Added Chinese translation, done by Enzojz.
29 May 2004 3.80
  • GPxSound: works with GP4 now (30 May 2004: and with GP4 1.00).
  • GPxSound: added a pit in and pit out sound event (RacePitIn and RacePitOut).
  • GPxLap: ATL: fixed wrong last lap sector time in current sector (now not shown anymore).
  • GPxLap: ATL: fixed pitstops done for consecutive races.
  • GPxLap: added speed traps to text log.
  • GPxLap: fixed min/max speed being logged during replay.
  • GPxLap: fixed min/max speed not being logged during accelerated time.
  • GPxSAT: new fonts by Laurent Rousseau: digital2004 (select it for Digital 2004 mode), and an improved futura.
12 May 2004 3.71
  • GPxSet: random seed for unlimited practice.
  • GPxSet: added weather options in session settings.
  • GPxSet: fixed resetting of performances when game state was saved manually from the menu.
  • GPxLap: ATL race standings shows number of pitstops done for each car ('P' column).
24 Apr 2004 3.70
  • GPxSAT: added digital 2004 mode, by Markus Krötz
  • GPxLap: fixed tyre wear rounding bug (maximum was 1.20).
14 Feb 2004 3.61
  • GPxSet: added support for GP4Phys 1.03 .g3p files (and updated gpxpdata\gp3-2000.g3p).
  • GPxCInfo: checkbox for each panel can have three states now: disabled (off), enabled (on), and enabled but initially invisible (indeterminate).
  • Added CPU selection option to GPxPatch tab.
08 Feb 2004 3.60
  • GPxPatch: added an extended pause mode option in which most keys are enabled.
  • GPxLap: text logging: added minimum and maximum speed to Lap section (log version 3).
  • GPxSAT: fixed tyre logo in penalty screen in classic mode.
  • GPxSAT: using real time instead of game time for logo animation.
  • GPxCInfo: increased number of panels from six to eight.
18 Jan 2004 3.56
  • GPxLap: logging minimum and maximum speed each lap.
  • GPxLap: logging GP4Tweaker's tyre grip against surface modifier into the init checksum.
  • GPxLap: added an option to fix the GP4 pitstop bug.
  • GPxCInfo: added filter option to show only when gpxsat is showing or not showing.
  • GPxCInfo: fix: best lap time item now shows '.' instead of ':' in time difference.
  • Advanced: added option to run GPx on a specific processor (key CPU under [Debug] section in gpxpatch.ini).
28 Dec 2003 3.55
  • Tried to fix pitstop bug in GP4.
  • GPxCInfo: can add global images that are drawn on top of info items.
  • GPxCInfo: fixed problems with handling of weights for image control.
  • GPxCInfo: gear R is red again instead of white.
13 Dec 2003 3.54
  • GPxSAT: enhancements by Markus Krötz: fixed bugs in showing split_times/times to the front or behind car correctly and added a penalty screen for digital and classic mode (shows up when you get a black flag during a race).
  • GPxCInfo: info items can be reordered, added, and deleted, so it's possible to influence the z-order, and to have multiple instances of the same item.
  • GPxCInfo: fixed reverse gear (was N instead of R).
  • GPxCInfo: fixed selection of default color for certain info items.
03 Dec 2003 3.53
  • GPxSet: fixed patching empty driver name (performance values were not patched either).
  • GPxLap: random seed shown as 0,0,0,0,0,0 in HOFxLap when random seed was not set and used through GPxSet.
  • GPxCInfo: added driver input items: steer, throttle, and brake.
  • GPxCInfo: added an image control that allows an info item value to adjust the size or rotation angle of an image.
  • GPxCInfo: added option to freeze a value at a local maximum for some interval.
  • GPxCInfo: .ini settings of images reduced by not writing settings with default values.
11 Nov 2003 3.52
  • GPxCInfo: pit item improved: can edit images for pit light on, off and busy, and specify text and colors if no images are used.
  • GPxCInfo: added info items for driver aids (F1 through F9).
  • GPxCInfo: if image destination size is not given and source size is, then destination will use the source size.
  • GPxSet: random seed 0,0,0,0,0,0 is ignored.
04 Nov 2003 3.51
  • GPxCInfo: added GUI for creating custom panels.
  • GPxCInfo: moved default custom panel directory to gpxpdata\pnl (defpanel.ini is automatically moved there by the installer).
  • GPxCInfo: all items can have a rotating line control (analog meter) now.
  • GPxCInfo: fixed several range problems.
  • GPxCInfo: fixed session time info item.
  • GPxCInfo: more efficient use of images: images are not loaded for other tracks and textures are shared if they are specified in multiple images.
  • GPxCInfo: image can have a source and destination position and size.
  • GPxCInfo: panel can have a global rectangle to which all other coordinates are relative. Defaults to the whole screen.
  • GPxCInfo: added option to turn on/off automatic drawing of the transparent panels.
  • GPxLap: large peaks are skipped when logging PO. In GP4 there was always a peak after unpausing the game.
  • GPxLap: fixed tyre wear values in setup screen. They are now multiplied with the track tyre wear factor to get the correct tyre wear in mm.
  • GPxLap: fixed page (re)selection.
  • GPxLap: improved screen logging of 4 wheels off track.
  • GPxSAT: new Tag Heuer logo, supplied by Kev Bell.
  • GPxSet: when patching performance text files, empty driver names are not patched.
  • Fixed a resource leak exiting cockpit in GP3-2000 network games.
  • Can edit and select fonts (e.g. in GPxLap and GPxSAT). Fonts are edited via the main GPxPatch tab.
  • Added German translation of the documentation (for version 3.50), done by Peter "jatori" Groh and Tom Dobrokovsky.
31 Jul 2003 3.50
  • GPxLap: added a pit setup menu (non-race only).
  • GPxLap: added a save/restore car state feature.
  • GPxLap: in-car setup changes: if both F3 and F4 are pressed at the same time the setting will be reset to the setup value.
  • GPxLap: if all 4 wheels are off track a message is logged in the screen log (under '2').
  • GPxLap: authentication: added support for quicklaps files.
  • GPxCInfo: can toggle each of the 6 panels with Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+6.
  • GPxCInfo: (advanced) options Prefix and Postfix for each info item section in panel.ini to set the text to prepend and append to the value (defaults are different for each item).
  • GPxCInfo: (advanced) option ColorFixed for each info item section in panel.ini to always force the text color to the color specified with TextColor.
  • GPxCInfo: (advanced) option CutOff in control section to cut off raw meter at min/max (default true).
  • Added Polish translation of the documentation, done by Pawel Wagner.
14 Jun 2003 3.40
  • GPxLap: in-car setup menu: can change brake balance and differential settings while driving.
  • GPxSAT: cars per page option also works in non-race sessions now.
  • GPxCInfo: option to show or hide panel in pitlane.
  • GPxCInfo: (advanced) can draw raw meters for speed and revs.
28 May 2003 3.37a
  • GPxSet: fixed default session specific fuel laps and consecutive cars (was broken in 3.37: didn't use default but 0 if left empty). Thanks to David Winder for finding this bug.
  • GPxCInfo: (advanced) swapped red and green for BestLapTime item. Colors can be edited using keys TextColorFaster and TextColorSlower.
27 May 2003 3.37
  • GPxSAT: fixed pole position detection (was broken in 3.36).
  • GPxSAT: can specify cars per page for standings screen.
  • GPxSet: disable progress bar option also available for GP4.
  • GPxSet: added seperate dialog for session related settings.
  • GPxSet: added (session specific) fuel laps and consecutive cars, and free practice cars to session settings dialog.
  • GPxSet: added option to use the qualify menu for Friday free practice.
  • GPxCInfo: added two extra panel entries, which means you can have a maximum of six panels.
  • GPxCInfo: 'show in cockpit' checkbox can have a third (indeterminate) state. This state indicates the panel should only be shown in cockpit.
  • GPxCInfo: can disable panel in replays. Behavior similar to 'show in cockpit'.
  • GPxCInfo: (advanced) 'use pit bitmap' checkbox can have a third (indeterminate) state. This state indicates the pit bitmap comes from an image ini section in the panel.ini file.
  • GPxCInfo: (advanced) can specify pit bitmap name (relative to gpxpdata\gfx directory, default is pit.tga), or image ini section name, using key Bitmap under [Pit] section.
  • GPxCInfo: (advanced) can have track specific images. Use key ShowForTrack, similar to ShowForCar and ShowForTeam.
  • GPxCInfo: (advanced) added SessionTime and BestLapTime info item.
  • GPxCInfo: (advanced) improved LapTime item: it will freeze at a split (while BestLapTime will show the difference in either red or green). Under the [LapTime] section, key FreezeDuration specifies how long it will freeze in milliseconds (default is 7000), key ShowMillis specifies if the lap time includes milliseconds (default is 0). Under the [BestLapTime] section, key ShowDiffWhenFrozen specifies if the difference with the actual lap time is shown when frozen (default is 1).
18 May 2003 3.36
  • GPxSet: added season set option for GP3-2000 to specify what menu graphics to use.
  • GPxSet: added possibility to use track specific anim.wad files, just like cars.wad.
  • GPxSet: fixed pit order edit in GP3-2000 season set.
  • GPxSet: consecutive cars for multiple sessions also works for GP4 1.00 now.
  • GPxSet: fixed FuelLaps option in qualify for GP3 1.00.
  • GPxLap ATL: added option to toggle between all cars and players cars with the 'Y' key.
  • GPxLap text logging: added SessionLaps (number of laps in session) and TrackLength (in meters) to SessionStart. Version changed to 2.
  • GPxLap auth: removed pit order from cc checksum.
  • GPxLap auth: logging number of cc's in free practice.
  • GPxLap auth: fixed logging of off track (OT): it was also triggered by CC's.
  • GPxLap auth: the highest number of wheels off track is logged each lap.
  • GPxSAT: no pole if same time as existing pole.
  • GPxSAT: speed trap is also logged during accelerated time.
  • GPxIvibe: fixed various stuff.
  • Fixed key assignment for processor occupancy (make sure keys.ini contains the right key, else it still won't work).
  • Added Polish translation by Pawel Wagner.
28 Mar 2003 3.35
  • Added a command line option /X to specify the GPx executable.
  • Added Russian translation, done by Yuri Kuznetsov.
  • GPxTrack: fixed problem with tracks (were shuffled and last track crashed).
  • GPxSet: fixed free practice fuel laps.
22 Mar 2003 3.34
  • GPxLap: fixed CC checksum: it's always copied from loaded game now. The loaded game should be from version 3.34 or higher though, else the CC checksum will be reset to 0.
  • GPxTrack: added advanced option to enable track specific cars.wad files.
  • GPxTrack: added advanced option to dump track segment data into the circuits directory.
  • GPxSet: fixed FuelLaps option. It also works for the player car now.
  • GPxSet: ConsecutiveCars option for multiple sessions should work in GP3-2000 too now.
14 Mar 2003 3.33
  • GPxSet: fixed patching of driving aid masks from the performance text file.
  • GPxSet: possible to assign the ConsecutiveCars and FuelLaps variables for each session type.
  • GPxSet: fixed option "Car power team dependent" for hotseat mode.
  • Tried to improve font quality for Windows 9x/ME. Quality for each font can be set in fonts.ini using key 'Quality' (default 2.0 Windows 9x/ME, 1.0 otherwise). Note that if set too large the font will get corrupted.
  • GPxLap ATL: added key MaxRetiredLapsDown under [ATL] section in gpxlap.ini to specify upto how many laps down retired drivers are still shown, default is 1 ('U' still hides all retired drivers).
  • Added option to disable the font cache. Add a line "EnableFontCache=0" under the [Sup] section in gpxpatch.ini if you are experiencing slow downs in-game.
27 Feb 2003 3.32
  • GPxSet: added support for a [Gears] section in performance files, to change the number of gears per team for GP4 (6 or 7 gears), and [Aids] section to change the driver aids mask per opposition level.
  • GPxSet: added option to edit number of fuel laps in non-race sessions (key FuelLaps under [Misc] section in gpxset.ini).
  • GPxLap: CC checksum includes number of gears per team and driver aids masks.
  • GPxLap ATL: pressing 'U' in the standings or track order table toggles between hiding and showing retired drivers.
  • Fixed specifying game keys in keys.ini for GP4 1.02.
  • Fixed bug in GP4 1.02 that caused "No error" and recalibration messages to appear when using a certain driver name for the 9th driver (e.g. with capitals).
  • Added Spanish translation of dialogs, done by Jose Manuel Garcia Mata and Jose Luis Gordillo.
  • Added some shortcuts: Ctrl+I to open .ini file of selected tab, Ctrl+L to open .log file of selected tab, Ctrl+Shift+L to open gpxpload.txt file, and Ctrl+S to start GPx.
  • Shows detected GPx version in dialog title.
  • GPxCInfo: custom panels (still under construction).
  • 1-03-2003 GPxSAT: Fixed the laps left text shown on the last lap (thanks Paul Willins for finding this bug).
18 Jan 2003 3.31
  • GPxLap: fixed logging of processor occupancy values for GP4 1.02.
  • GPxLap: fixed logging of driving off track / cutting corners (OT column in HOFxLap).
  • GPxSAT: fixed oversized logo's during replay.
08 Jan 2003 3.30
  • Added support for GP4 1.02 (patch 9.6).
  • Fixed empty menu's after exiting cockpit for certain Radeon video cards (thanks Bruno Marques for testing).
  • Fixed crash after using alt+tab to leave GP4 and then going back into the cockpit.
  • GPxSet: support for Marc's new GP4Ed, which includes patching of tyre brand per team. Works with any GPx version.
  • GPxSet: added option to change number of cars in free practice (key FreePracticeCars under section [Misc] in gpxset.ini, default is 1).
  • GPxSAT: in classic mode, added "accident" as retirement reason if not a failure.
29 Dec 2002 3.20
  • Added a GPxIvibe extension (see www.ivibe.com).
  • GPxSet: added support for GP4Phys 1.01 .g3p files.
  • GPxSet: fixed physics patching (thanks to Luc Segers for reporting this).
  • GPxSet: fixed gp3-2000.g3p to be correct according to the new weight distribution (the one since 3.03).
  • GPxSet: added option to edit number of qualify laps.
  • GPxSet: added option to change the number of consecutive cars on track in non-race sessions. Use ConsecutiveCars in gpxset.ini under a [Misc] section.
  • GPxSet: enabled performance files for GP3 (can be exported with GP3Edit).
  • GPxSet: added track specific performance files for GP3 and GP4. Use PathXX in gpxset.ini under a [PerfManager] section where XX is the track number (and set Enable to 1).
  • GPxSet: added track specific tarmac. For GP3 and GP4, use tarmacXX in gpxset.ini under a [Misc] section where XX is the track number.
  • GPxSAT: animated Tag Heuer and Siemens logo's (classic mode only).
  • GPxSAT: all strings are configurable.
  • GPxSAT: 'k' switches between showing all, sky messages only, and nothing.
  • GPxSAT: 't' also works in digital mode.
  • GPxSAT: texture width of car and position numbers changed from 2048 to 512.
  • GPxCInfo: added option to export to shared memory.
  • GPxCInfo: panel(s) won't get smaller until toggled on/off.
  • GPxLap: added team pit order to CC checksum in extended data.
  • GPxLap: added option for authentication to log unique id (thanks Yuri Kuznetsov).
  • GPxLap: included black flag disabler and pitstop timing adjustment in init checksum (for all GPx versions).
  • GPxLap: included damage coefficient in damage checksum (for all GPx versions).
  • GPxLap: fixed crash entering cockpit in software mode.
  • GPxLap: selected page is persistent.
  • GPxLap ATL: added number laps done in qualify standings.
  • GPxLap ATL: added key to toggle between split times and sector times (default 'U').
  • Fixed resource leak in directx 8 font.
  • Fixed Game_HelpLaunchControl to be default F9 instead of F8.
09 Oct 2002 3.10
  • Graphical features available for GP4 (GPxSAT, GPxCInfo and ATL).
  • GPxSAT: Digital TV timing added by Marc.
  • Improved font engine. Any system font can be used now.
  • GPxCInfo: toggle 'I' is now: show all, show pit logo only, show nothing.
  • Added Portuguese translation of the dialogs, done by Ricardo Lampert.
18 Aug 2002 3.03
  • Added German translation of dialogs, translation by Uwe Mönks.
  • Added Italian translation of dialogs, translation by Antonio Russo.
  • GPxLap: Added logging of frame rate and if it changed (thanks to Fredy Eugster and Niya for finding out/reporting this).
  • GPxLap: Showing some old log output (with average PO) when text logging is set to logfile only.
  • GPxSet: Fixed weight distribution to be the same as with GP4 Physics Editor. Also applies to other GPx versions. Changes init checksum.
  • GPxTrack: Jip buffer extended for GP4.
  • Fixed GPx crashing sometimes if running in Debug mode with verbosity level medium or high.
  • 20-08-2002: Fixed problem of sessions not ending.
05 Jul 2002 3.02
  • GPxLap: Fixed crash when not using GP4.
04 Jul 2002 3.01
  • GPxSet: Patching physics should work again for GP3 and GP3-2000.
  • GPxLap: Fixed slow motion duration (SDur in HOFxLap output).
  • Fixed occasional crash or failure to start GPxPatch at startup of GP4.
30 Jun 2002 3.00
  • Partial support for GP4 (only non-graphical and non-sound features).
  • Added multi-language support. French translation included.
  • GPxLap: Hotseat info and key to advance to next hotseat state (default 'J').
  • GPxLap: Extra page for listing cars in track order in ATL.
  • GPxLap: Text logging.
  • GPxCInfo: Added lap and position (default off).
  • GPxSAT: Logging speed trap records.
  • GPxTrack: (GP3-2000) Custom tracks also work when using low detail tracks (if you want to mix low detail tracks with custom tracks then select the low detail tracks in the track set).
  • GPxTrack: Fixed 'ignore tracks in season sets' (checkbox was ignored).
  • GPxSet: Added sunset and moon to skya prefix and tarmac combobox.
  • Ctrl+Alt+F9 and Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F9 for continuously making screenshots (until F9 is hit again).
  • Added CTRL to possible key bindings.
17 Mar 2002 2.21
  • GPxSet: Added check for right version of .g3p file.
  • GPxSet: Fixed slight error in weight distribution (note: affects init checksum!).
  • GPxSet: Optional track set for season.
  • GPxSet: Quickrace length patch also works for gp3 1.00 and 1.13 now.
  • GPxSet: Checking jam id's when selecting jams (only for hardware jams).
  • GPxSet: Moved settings from gpxpatch.ini to gpxset.ini file (transferred automatically).
  • GPCInfo: Key to turn toggle panel on/off (bind 'CInfo_ToggleOnOff', default I).
  • GPxSAT: Reads "FIRST LAP OUT OF PITS" string from gpxsat.ini (key 'WarmupLap', section '[String]').
  • Screen log buffer now also includes early log messages.
  • Fixed control method keys, and also added binds for gear shift up and down.
09 Mar 2002 2.20
  • Added random seed feature for recreating race conditions like weather.
  • Added memory patch of .g3p physics file (similar to car shape patch).
  • Art tab is now a new GPxSet extension.
  • Added quickrace length option to GPxSet.
02 Feb 2002 2.10
  • Ported GPxLap authentication to GP3-2000 (extended saved games/hotlaps).
  • Added option to disable extension of saved games.
  • Fixed init checksum in extended data for all versions.
  • Added cc checksum (covers performance levels and failure probabilities).
  • Fixed tyre logo's of GPxSAT in race won screen (they were swapped).
  • Added option to disable progress bar.
16 Nov 2001 2.03
  • Added track file selection to car set.
  • Tyre types are now restored before the game state file is saved, so tyres won't disappear when the carset is not used. Names are restored too.
  • Names are also patched before loading track, by using the generic carset file.
  • Patching podgen4.jam (a track file jam for the pitboxes).
  • Specifying GPxSat tyres from within season.set.
  • Specifying pit order in carset.
  • Specifying race points in season set.
  • Specifying skya??.bmp prefix and tarmacmap.bmp in art tab.
  • Selecting season set from the commandline with /S
  • Minor fix: tyre types also work when car set is disabled (and season set enabled).
  • Tyre types should also work when car set is disabled (and season set enabled).
  • Swapped tyre types in GPxSAT.
  • Moved car number copying option to season set.
  • Loading software treadxx.bin files for tyre type 1, specifying their prefix and specifying treadxxx_art.bmp files.
  • Added option to make the car power team dependant.
  • Increased software texture buffer size (fixes hanging of the game on some tracks).
  • Maximum track file size extended to 250000 bytes (for all gp3 versions).
  • Attempt to fix starting the encrypted version of GP3-2000 (might still not work for everyone).
28 Oct 2001 2.02
  • Livery sets are now season sets and (track specific) car sets. Now dynamically patching: car liveries, cockpits, helmets, pit crews, jack men, tyre types, performances and names. GP3-2000 only.
  • Enabled 22 cockpits (was 11) and 2 tyre types (was 1). GP3-2000 only.
  • 2D event sounds should work again with new GP3-2000 sound. But track load and exit cockpit won't work.
  • GPxLap: added option to change engine temperature parameters.
  • GPxCInfo: added engine temperature.
  • GPxSAT: speedtraps in practice/qualifying.
  • Enabled assertion logging for GP3-2000.
  • GPxTrack: jip length extended to 16384 (was 999 in game).
  • GPxTrack: also detect custom track if default path is used.
  • Added key combination to quit game immediately (Ctrl+Alt+End).
  • Fixed GPxPatch not being active sometimes when starting gp3 in non-debug mode.
  • Fixed special characters in names (hopefully).
  • Shouldn't require imagehlp.dll anymore (if not present it just skips stack trace logging).
  • Default key for PanelSizeLess back to Shift+TAB because ` didn't work for everyone.
28 Sep 2001 2.01
  • Select a car shape to use. And the livery manager can select a default car shape.
  • Disable car number copying also works in software mode now.
  • Fixed rear light copying (but still only 11 of them are copied).
  • Liveries.set can be located anywhere now (default in gpxpdata).
  • Fixed best split time feature for GP3 (not GP3-2000 yet).
  • Fixed event sounds when original GP3 sound is selected within GP3-2000.
  • MicroTime can be toggled on/off separately from the rest of GPxSAT.
  • Fixed Shift+TAB key. However, the new key for making the panel smaller is now PanelSizeLess, which is by default bound to ` (usually the key above the TAB).
21 Sep 2001 2.00
  • Ported to GP3 version 1.00 and 2.00 (GP3-2000).
  • Livery manager with upto 22 liveries.
  • Support for CMagic 2000 data in GPxTrack.
  • Added a lot more keys to keys.ini, including GP3's keys.
  • GPxCInfo optionally enabled in cockpit.
  • Disabling external 2D car engine sounds is now optional.
  • Added a button to show own ip address.
  • All transparent panel keys work in log view and ATL now (resizing, scrolling, alpha).
  • Off-track (OT) flag now only set if all four wheels were off-track at the same time.
  • Removed gpxpatchc.exe. Instead, you can use /R option with gpxpatch.exe to start GP3 immediately.
  • Fixed key presses in menus being activated in the cockpit.
  • Fixed ATL 2nd qualify panel.
  • Fixed crash when system time is invalid.
28 Jul 2001 1.31
  • Enabled playing GP3 over the internet (thanks to Cesar Mello for the tip).
  • Small start with ATL (At The Line) for non-race sessions.
24 Jun 2001 1.30
  • GPxSound: Added events that can trigger sounds.
  • GPxSound: Added an option to disable 3D engine sound.
  • GPxSound: Made use of voice management optional. If it's not checked then the sounds are handled the same as in version 1.21. Do this if 1.22 introduced slowdown problems for you.
  • GPxSound: Disabled GP3's three external car passing sounds.
  • GPxSAT: Marc added time difference info between two cars.
10 Jun 2001 1.22
  • GPxSound: Optional 3D algorithm for software mixing. This also fixes left/right muting.
  • GPxSound: Uses Voice Management to make best use of free hardware buffers.
  • GPxSound: Hopefully fixed a problem of sounds not stopping when exiting cockpit.
  • GPxSAT: Added standings in qualify.
  • GPxSAT: Siemens and TAG Heuer bitmaps are being resized according to font size (by Marc).
  • GPxSAT: Improved siemens logo (sent to me anonymously and then edited by Marc).
  • GPxSAT: Fixed keys not working with caps lock on.
  • GPxSAT/ATL: Fixed pitstop timer.
  • ATL: Fixed wrong laps down when leader drives into the pits.
  • Added option to disable colored fonts.
  • Configurable keys. Edit gpxpdata\keys.ini to use different keys.
  • Marc added some bigger manana fonts for high resolutions (1024 and 1280). Edit gpxpdata\fonts.ini if you prefer smaller fonts.
  • Linking dynamically to runtime libraries, reducing the download archive size a lot. If it doesn't work anymore you'll need to download mfclibs.zip and extract it to the GP3 directory.
20 May 2001 1.21
  • Fixed sound volume, which would be very low on tracks with elevation changes.
  • Separate tyre type bitmaps for GPxSAT + option to choose them.
  • Can enter negative co-ordinates for GPxCinfo.
  • More log info for GPxSound.
18 May 2001 1.20
  • Added a new extension called GPxSound. It adds support for 3D opponent car sound.
  • GPxSAT now replaces the "Driving with" and "Viewing" messages, shows the time left in the session, has an added initial for most names, and should display most characters correctly.
  • Fixed transparency of bitmaps and font.
  • Display also works for multiplayer games now (I hope).
  • Added a fuel indicator and an options tab to GPxCInfo.
  • Solved random crash when entering cockpit.
  • ATL: also shows time difference when you're 3 sectors behind but not lapped yet.
21 Apr 2001 1.10
  • Implemented a first version of At The Line.
  • Marc added a lot more tables and options to GPxSat.
  • Custom layout gpxcinfo.
  • GPxCInfo also works in other resolutions than 1024x768.
  • Fixed random crash when entering cockpit (aka the 'GP3 Driver' bug).
  • Fixed crash when exiting cockpit.
  • Hopefully fixed flickering bitmap/font (aka the 'black font' bug).
  • Moved external pit indicator from GPxSAT to GPxCInfo.
  • Automatic font selection based on resolution (specified in fonts.ini).
  • Catch lap record from track file (and option to do this; will replace old records!).
  • Drivers with only a first or only a last name are displayed correctly now.
  • Installer won't concatenate "gpxpatch" to path anymore when changing it.
  • Logging OS type and version.
02 Apr 2001 1.04
  • Added a first beta version of 'Speed and Time' (GPxSAT), an extension made by Marc Aarts.
  • Track set file can be located outside gpxpdata directory.
  • Option to specify name of gp3.exe (e.g. gp3v.exe for GP3Video).
  • Changed memory allocation for Win2000 again.
21 Mar 2001 1.03
  • Works with GP3Video on Win2000 (no need to hold shift anymore).
  • Fixed missing info in the HOFxLap output, the average PO in the summary for example. This was caused by the fact that it doesn't recognize the car is driven by a player anymore. HOFxLap still shows the car id instead of the car nr, but that will be fixed in HOFxLap.
  • The laptime wouldn't stop running when entering the pits in a non-race session. This was caused by unfinished At The Line code, and is fixed now by finishing the part that caused the bug. So GP3 will now register a laptime in the race even when entering the pits (can't be counted as a fastest lap though).
18 Mar 2001 1.02
  • Works with gp3video again.
  • Workaround for GP3 crash when saving under Windows 2000 (debug mode required).
  • Track checker. This feature is for people making tracks. Thanks to Addie Walti for testing.
  • Option to skip intro.
  • F12 to toggle textured/wireframe/point.
  • Shift+F9 takes a screenshot without stuff added by GPxPatch.
  • Colored fonts.
  • Fixed colors during rain.
  • Realism options (which failures you can get) are logged.
  • Correct car number is logged now.
  • Fixed fastlap pos in extended data (FP).
27 Jan 2001 1.01
  • Now works on Windows 2000 Professional (also with SP1, although it seems to crash after loading a game, but this is without GPxPatch too). Thanks to Marc Aarts for extensive testing to help me solve the problems. Also thanks to Brett Canfield for reporting the problem and giving me some info about it.
  • Added an extension called GPxCInfo, which for now displays the car's gear, revs and speed in the external camera views.
  • GPxLap extended data: Added more values to the damage checksum, and some more physics values to the init checksum.
21 Jan 2001 1.00
  • First release.
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