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Important note

Currently, HLFind will not work anymore with Half-Life because the game has been integrated into Steam. There will be no future updates to HLFind, unless it becomes possible again to communicate with the master servers and launch the game from outside Steam.

What is HLFind

HLFind is a server browser for Half-Life. It was born out of a personal wish to be able to easily find clan mates and other players. Other browsers, like GameSpy, weren't to my liking, so I wrote my own browser. I added a way to use any number of persistent queries that would be kept up to date while refreshing server information. Other features were then added for easier usage, and while it is by no means finished and many things can be improved, the main features are:
  • Use of regular expressions for ultimate flexibility.
  • Besides players, shows all server info and rules.
  • Server filter and server query.
  • Joining a server from within HLFind (with auto-join if full).
  • Filter for servers to update from WON (game and map).
  • Auto-refresh.
  • Password and annotation for each server.
More information can be found in the documentation, and in the change log below.


HLFind can be downloaded from the download page.


17 Apr 2003 1.0.29
  • When trying to join a server, reserved slots are taken into account when checking if it's full.
  • Fixed full/not full string in filter description.
25 May 2002 1.0.28
  • Added filter for mod and map while updating the server list (filtered at the WON master server).
  • Added option to Auto-join a full server when a spot becomes available.
  • Added option to load last used document.
  • Added option to show master server filter before update.
  • Added option to clear server list before update.
  • Added option to refresh newly added servers after update.
02 Sep 2001 1.0.27
  • Update server list command can now directly filter on servers running a specific mod. This can be specified using the server filter.
  • Any error message returned by the server will be shown in the server properties dialog (e.g. in case you have been banned from the server).
30 Jul 2001
  • Fixed sorting by typing (was broken). Thanks to Sweep for reporting this.
  • Fixed searching servers (was broken). Thanks to PaRa|]0x for reporting this.
  • Map filter now searches on starting substring.
09 Jul 2001
  • Split the number of players and the maximum number of players columns into separate columns.
08 Jul 2001 1.0.26
  • Lookup host name for an ip address within server properties dialog.
  • Optionally use host name instead of ip address.
30 Jun 2001
  • Manually adding server by host name.
05 Jun 2001 1.0.25
  • Added reserved slot count to info bar and status bar (only if server uses Admin mod).
  • Fixed crash when clicking on header in empty list.
03 Mar 2001 1.0.24
  • Better timeleft/timelimit format.
  • Fixed occasional crash bug.
  • Fixed a serious memory leak.
  • Added link to this homepage in help menu.
24 Dec 2000 2.0.23
  • Options for WON master server, time-out and retry count.
  • Stores the password with each server now.
  • Fixed bug which caused a crash when a favourite was deleted in the tree.
  • Fixed memory leak.
23 Dec 2000 1.0.22
  • Added automatic refresh option.
  • Added player frag difference column (difference is set when player list is being refreshed).
  • Remember and restore splitter positions.
12 Nov 2000 1.0.21
  • Clear player list when server is not responding.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a socket to be deleted during an error messagebox, while it was still being used. This was especially apparent on Windows 2000, which gives WSAECONNRESET errors on some servers (these are now ignored). The messagebox itself didn't properly show the error either, which is fixed too. Thanks to Jake Kupersmith for helping me solve this bug.
  • When joining server, HLFind first checks if it was responding.
  • Doesn't specify the -game option when starting Half-Life when the game string is empty.
  • Ctrl+Shift+C can be used to copy only server ip/port address.
  • Ctrl+C now also works in dialog bar (the bar under the toolbar).
18 Aug 2000 1.0.20
  • Number of players now include inactive players (those that are not yet connected).
  • Fixed bug where it would say "Retrieving" forever.
  • Sorting on flags (password, server type, os type).
  • On timeout, clears and updates details, players or rules specifically. For example if the request for rules times out, players and ping are not affected.
  • Adding children to a server node is delayed until it's expanded. This saves memory and makes file loading quicker, but opening the WON node for example takes a bit longer.
  • Server icons in the tree are now always correctly updated.
  • Jumps to filter node after editing filter.
  • When cancelling the refresh operation, cancel again to skip waiting for outstanding requests.
  • Queries node starts opened.
12 Aug 2000 1.0.19
  • Added a help text file.
  • When adding server manually, any ip/port address on the clipboard will already be filled in now.
  • Disabled editing of ip/port again, which didn't work properly and didn't have a real purpose.
  • Added a toolbar icon for filtering servers and for joining a server.
26 Jul 2000 1.0.18
  • Added option to update queries while refreshing servers.
  • Server ip/port is now editable.
16 Jul 2000 1.0.17
  • Added annotation/description to server. Also added server properties where you can edit it.
  • Add query directly from selected player name.
  • On selection change, server won't be refreshed if maximum number of open sockets is already reached, or if there's already an open socket with that server, or if it's a multiple selection change.
  • Quicker loading of executable.
06 Jul 2000 1.0.16
  • Fixed update problem for rules.
  • Full row copy to clipboard for each kind of list.
  • WON socket can time out with an appropriate message.
  • Show progress while retrieving list from WON.
  • Also show sv_contact for other servers than Sweep (for if they'll ever use it).
24 Jun 2000 1.0.15
  • Added a third pane.
  • Added rules. For TFC, the server info shows the time played in the current map, and the total time for that map (e.g. 23:06/30 means 23m06s played of the 30m).
  • Added vote info for servers that run Sweep's voting system (currently only Sweep (
  • Fixed searching by typing directly in list.
17 Jun 2000 1.0.14
  • Filter dialog shows all possible values for game and map.
  • Filtering for full, empty and password improved.
  • Some user interface improvements (e.g. update after adding server manually).
25 May 2000 1.0.13
  • Search servers. Works like a query, but searches server list, and has only one result set.
  • Some other enhancements.
15 May 2000 1.0.12
  • Query option to search case sensitive or not.
  • Query option to do a normal search (i.e. not using regular expressions). This is handy for people that don't understand regular expressions (but please try to learn them, as they're much more powerful).
  • Quey list shows above query options and number of players found is moved to the left.
  • Queries are sorted by name in tree.
  • You can clear the server list now, which will remove all servers except the favourites. Updating the list won't clear it anymore automatically (only new servers are added). Clearing the list and then doing a save will create a very small file that you can distribute more easily (to send your queries and favourites to friends for example).
13 May 2000 1.0.11
  • More powerful regular expressions. I'm using John Maddock's Regexp++ library now. As a result of this, HLFind is statically linked and has grown a lot in size. MFC libraries aren't needed anymore. There's an explanation of the Regular expression syntax online. Especially note that you need to escape (precede with \) these characters in your query expressions: [](){}*+.?^$.
  • Searches are now case insensitive.
  • Queries are now under one parent node. Selecting that node shows the queries in the right pane.
  • You can edit existing queries, and give them a name.
05 May 2000 1.0.10
  • Refresh only selected servers.
01 May 2000 1.0.9
  • You can copy server ip and/or name to clipboard.
  • Column widths are not reset when changing tree selection.
  • Server name column in query result.
26 Apr 2000 1.0.8
  • Visualized server favouriteness. Some bug fixes.
24 Apr 2000 1.0.7
  • Added custom filter.
  • Server name in tree.
  • Some other improvements.
16 Apr 2000 1.0.6
  • Added option to set the interval between sending packets.
  • Better response from selection change (the details don't lag behind the selection anymore).
  • Several other improvements.
15 Apr 2000 1.0.5
  • Added options.
  • Improved speed.
  • Added command to startup Half-Life and join the selected server.
  • Added TFC node.
  • Now possible to add a server manually.
12 Apr 2000 1.0.4
  • ists are multiply sortable (hold ctrl). Several bug fixes and enhancements.
11 Apr 2000 1.0.3
  • Boosted filling performance. All lists are sortable.
08 Apr 2000 1.0.2
  • Fixed some small bugs. Won't connect to WON at startup.
07 Apr 2000 1.0.1
  • Added support for favourites.
24 Mar 2000 1.0.0
  • First release.


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