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What is F1PerfView

F1PerfView is a telemetry viewer for Windows, supporting GP2/GP3/GP3-2000/GP4 performance analysis, F1RS/MGPRS2 telemetry files, LFS replay analyser files, and generic text files. It includes most of the features that the internal GPx and F1RS viewers have, plus a text view, a statistics view, a time difference graph, and a track view. It also allows a combination of upto 256 perf files to be compared.

Read the documentation file for more information.


The latest version can be found on the download page.

Live For Speed

If you're using F1PerfView for LFS you can get a detailed track view if you download exported track data. These .SMX files have to be extracted to a directory called data\smx within the LFS directory. Make sure to specify the LFS directory in the F1PerfView options, so it can find these files automatically. If F1PerfView could load the track data, the track view should look like this:

LFS Track View


If you're using F1PerfView for GP2 you need to download and use GP2Lap version 1.08 or newer to extend the perf files with additional data needed for the new graph types and track view. If you're using GP2Lap 1.14 or higher, then you need F1PerfView 1.7, but if you're using an older version of GP2Lap then it's better to stick with F1PerfView 1.6. Here's a screenshot of the track view using GP2Lap extended data:

GP2 Track View.


All F1PerfView related email can be sent to f1perfview@sdidit.nl.


19 Nov 2018 1.27
  • Added Clutch and Handbrake items (LFS and generic).
  • Doesn't choke on generic CSV files with unknown columns.
  • Changed installation from .ZIP file and separate MFC DLLs to a .MSI installer package.
29 Apr 2012 1.26
  • Added Inverse Corner Radius item.
  • Added options for default graph view settings.
  • Fixed file type filter when default game is set to generic.
28 Aug 2006 1.25
  • Using 3D instead of 2D data files for LFS track map (track itself is still drawn in 2D).
30 Apr 2004 1.24
  • Fixed file filter and crash when adding files using the normal file dialog.
24 Apr 2004 1.23
  • Can open a maximum of one document now (with multiple buffers and views). When opening a perf file, multiple files can be selected and all will be compared to each other, if possible. The first file determines the track.
  • Shows the unit behind the average value at the bottom left of the graph view.
  • Improved time difference graph.
  • Improved selection precision in status bar.
  • Can add/remove overlays in graph view (only items that share the same unit).
  • Fixed overlay colors in graph view using line mode.
  • Draw track while dragging with mouse when flicker free drawing is enabled
  • LFS: Fixed background color of track view.
05 Jun 2003 1.22
  • LFS: added sector times to statistics view.
  • LFS: added support for other tracks than Blackwood. Same track with other config is also a different track.
  • LFS: for tracks without a route-defining path, a scaled travelled distance is used.
12 Dec 2002 1.21
  • Implemented alternative file dialog for LFS.
  • Buffer selection combobox in graph view shows colors.
  • Added more information in statistics view for LFS.
  • Added static camber as overlay to camber roll.
  • Context menu in track view only contains relevant items.
  • Disabled load/save setup for LFS (until implemented).
08 Dec 2002 1.20
  • Added support for Live For Speed, including detailed track view (thanks Scawen). See above for more information.
  • Using lateral acceleration for calculating position (for track view). Thanks to Ivanhoe Vasiljevich for supplying the formula's to calculate this.
  • Added longitudal and lateral acceleration to generic perf data.
  • Copying setup from first buffer when adding extra buffers that don't have their own setup loaded automatically.
  • Added delta_rear and delta_front wheel types.
  • Export range stored with columns, and an option for the column to only do the range check, not the export.
  • Added sample index (s) as column in text view.
  • Added cursor to driven line in track view.
  • X-zooming and scrolling not only for distance but for all items.
  • Added mouse wheel support for zooming in graph and track view. In graph view, hold shift to zoom y-axis.
11 Aug 2002 1.11
  • Text view completely rewritten (with sorting and customizable columns).
  • Refactored graph types into data items, which are used in graph view (formerly known as combination view), text view, and export dialog.
  • Added more wheel types (sum, avg, delta, etc.).
  • Removed some graph types.
  • Improved setup handling: each perf buffer has its own setup and it properly asks to save modified setups. Shift + Save Setup to save all modified setups.
  • Added setup ride height and maximum suspension travel to ride height and suspension travel graphs, respectively.
  • Toggle drawing of values and lines/pixels (Ctrl+V and Ctrl+L).
  • Fixed track names.
  • Changed vertical scrollbar behavior in graph view from zooming to scrolling.
  • Added X position and Y position to generic data.
11 Jul 2002 1.10
  • Added support for GP3-2000 and GP4.
  • Added support to edit GP3/GP3-2000/GP4 setup.
  • Optional symmetrical editing in advanced setup dialog.
  • Added estimated maximum speed and suggested 6th gear ratio in basic setup dialog.
  • Graphs are updated instantly when setup changes.
  • Alternative file open dialog recurses into sub directories.
  • Added cross cursor at value coordinate in cursor mode if x-type is not distance.
  • Added minimum and maximum x-values.
  • Added average value (in left bottom of combination view).
  • Redesigned export dialog.
  • Export only data within or outside a certain range.
  • Export multiple buffers appended.
  • Fixed longitudal and lateral acceleration for GPx perfs.
  • Fixed revs to be 100 lower in GP3.
  • Time and distance both always shown in status bar
  • Integrated csxedit.dll into executable.
24 Aug 2000 1.9
  • Parameterized wheel in combination view, so you can compare things like ride height between multiple buffers for a specific wheel.
29 Jul 2000 1.8
  • Added support for GP3 perf files. To load them, first go to the options and select GP3 as the primary game because this is how F1PerfView distinguishes between GP2 and GP3 perf files. Compared to standard GP2 perf files, GP3 perf files have two extra graphs: longitudal and lateral acceleration.
  • Opening a new view won't reset zooming/cursor position in other views anymore. Instead, the opposite will happen.
27 Feb 2000 1.7
  • Compatible with GP2Lap 1.14. If some track still don't show up, clear the gp2lpdat directory in your gp2 directory. You then need to extract the performance data again with GP2Lap 1.14 to get the right .seg files.
  • Fixed the revs in the stat view. It was shown in rad/sec instead of rpm.
  • Removed some graphs that had accidentally made it into 1.6 (and were buggy).
13 Nov 1999 1.6
  • Added variable X-axis (used to always contain distance).
  • More export functionality.
  • Fixed the setup editor.
20 Aug 1999 1.5
  • Added generic text file support (can read any custom performance data).
  • Improved track view.
  • Improved scrolling in combination view.
  • More printing support.
14 Feb 1999 1.4
  • Fixed time difference for GP2 (drawing was _very_ slow).
  • Can now load all MGPRS2 telemetry files (was limited to save10.tlm through save19.tlm).
  • Improved path handling for MGPRS2.
18 Jan 1999 1.3
  • Fixed loading of F1RS files, and added limited ghost support for F1RS.
  • Fixed a few bugs and added some minor enhancements.
23 Aug 1997
  • Start of project
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