GP2Lap version 1.15
Copyright (c) 1998-2001 Frank Ahnert, René Smit
You may not redistribute GP2Lap via any media or for any purpose without the express permission of the authors.

GP2 Copyright (c) 1995 Geoff Crammond

DOS/4GW Protected Mode Run-time Version 1.97 Copyright (c) Rational Systems, Inc. 1990-1994

Cryptlib Portable Encryption Libary, version 2.00 Copyright Peter Gutmann, Eric Young, and Colin Plumb 1992-1996


This software is provided as is without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. The authors will not be held responsible for any losses incurred, either directly or indirectly, by the use of this program.

This is not a Microprose product.

What is GP2Lap

GP2Lap is a real-time extension for GP2. Its main functions include logging information for online competitions, like processor occupancy, and showing on-screen information such as the current standings, fastest lap times, and a track map. Future versions of GP2Lap will contain additional features; just check the GP2Lap home page regurarly for updates.

GP2Lap should work with all (language) versions of GP2. If you have trouble getting it to work with your version then please let us know.

Please read this file completely before contacting us.

See the bottom of this file for our contact address and home page.


Extract and to your GP2 directory. The zips contain the following files:
gp2lap.exe The main executable.
gp2lap.pif Shortcut to gp2lap.
gp2lap.txt This HTML file as plain text.
gp2lap.cfg Standard configuration file.
dos4gw.exe DOS-extender by Rational Systems, Inc.
faq.txt Frequently asked questions

Minimum system requirements are the same as for GP2, but 16MB memory is recommended. It has been reported that GP2Lap or GP2 can give out of memory errors with only 8MB memory.

Running GP2Lap

GP2Lap is a 32-bit DOS program, just like GP2. It needs to load the dos4gw.exe dos-extender, which should be located within your PATH or in the same directory as GP2Lap. GP2Lap is supposed to be in the same directory as gp2.exe is located, but it's only necessary that the current directory is the GP2 directory for GP2Lap to run.


To start, just enter the gp2lap executable name at the dos prompt:

Under Windows, you can also start GP2Lap with:
start gp2lap.pif

After GP2Lap is started it will try to find gp2.exe within the current directory. If it's found, the game is automatically started. Any command-line options you want to give GP2 should be passed to GP2lap, which will pass them to GP2.

If GP2 is started correctly, the GP2Lap logo should appear at the right top of GP2's menu screen. If it's not there then something went wrong and GP2Lap probably isn't activated.


At startup, GP2Lap tries to read a configuration file called gp2lap.cfg. This file contains options to configure GP2Lap to your liking. You can specify a different config file with the cfg: command line option. For example:
gp2lap cfg:hof25.cfg

The configuration options will be explained thoughout this document.

Key bindings

GP2Lap uses so called pages to display some information at the top of the screen. The current key mappings for these pages are:
1Car info.
2Debug log output.
8Track map.
9At The Line.
0Turn off any active page.
Each page could be optionally configured by pressing the same key again, or by pressing TAB or ` (key above TAB). Multiple pages can be activated at the same time by pressing ctrl+pagenum. The last activated page will receive keyboard input.

See the chapters about each specific page for more information.

Misc stuff

Log System


While you're playing GP2, GP2Lap is just sitting around, doing nothing but waiting for specific events to happen. These events include: starting GP2, starting a session, loading a game, entering/leaving the pit, crossing the finish line, etc.

At all these specific events, the log system gets some information about the event, which is then stored in memory buffers. When you save your hotlap or game, most of the information is attached to the file being saved. These are called GP2Lap extended files.

As of version 1.07, it's possible to save this information to a separate .GLx file. The following line in gp2lap.cfg will enable this:

logGLX = 1
The .GLx file will have the same name as the saved game/hotlap, and will also contain driver names and car setups. They can be read by HOF2Lap 0.55+ and F1LapView 1.02+.

Additionally, this option will allow you to log computer cars by enabling the following option:

logCC = 1
This option won't work for the GP2Lap extended files because the amount of data will overflow GP2's own internal save buffer.


Extended hotlaps will contain general information and info for this specific lap.

General information includes all "physics" (of which some can be edited with the so called Quick 'n' Dirty editor), car damage limit values, pit speed limit, track information, computer car performance, and more.

Lap information includes lap time, average and maximum processor occupancy (to detect "slomo" driving), and more.

Extended info can be extracted from the hotlap with HOF2Lap, version 0.50 or later. Go to the HOF2Lap home page to download it.

Saved games

Extended save games will contain general information and lap information for all laps. This information can be extracted by HOF2Lap too. When an extended game is loaded, its logged data for each lap will be loaded too.

Authentication disclaimer

If you're being disqualified do NOT contact us. Contact the competition director(s). If the extended save game or hotlap seems to be corrupted in some way causing the disqualification, the director will contact us, and we will look into it. Remember that things like an edited track (no matter how little the change) is logged by GP2Lap and might cause your disqualification. Make sure you always use the correct car set and tracks (the ones specified by the competition rules).

Also remember that validating the saved games is done by the director, a database script, and/or a verification team, not by GP2Lap or HOF2Lap. GP2Lap just logs raw data, it doesn't interpret it.

Debug info

GP2Lap can dump some debug info about most events in a separate logfile called gp2lap.log. This is readable text, so you can see what has happened exactly, or you can send it to us in case you suspect there's something wrong. It's of no other use, so you can as well ignore it. It can be turned on by specifying this line in the configuration file:

logDebug = 1
The name of the logfile can be specified with:
logDebugName = "gp2lap.log"

Note: this is not the main log file of GP2Lap! It's just for debugging purposes. The real log information is attached to save files.

You can view this info in-game by pressing the 2 key while you're in the cockpit.

Extension of perf files

Version 1.04 introduces extension of perf data. To enable it, add the following to the gp2lap.cfg file:
logPerf = 1
GP2Lap will then add car position data and high-resolution wheel speed data to the perf files you save. It will also save a special data file with track data in directory gp2lpdat under the main GP2 directory, which is used by F1PerfView to draw a track.

Warning: with longer laps (about 1m40 and longer, or bigger than 75KB), the internal GP2 perf viewer will complain about the size when you load the perf file. If you're using the internal viewer and not F1PerfView, disable the logPerf option to prevent this error.

At The Line


GP2Lap provides some additional timing information to improve gameplay. Have you ever wondered about your inpit/outpit laptimes? Now you'll get them. Are you tired of waiting for the next straight to take a quick look at other cars' laptimes? You'll get them too and much more...


Just hit 9 while sitting in the car to turn it on. Within "At the line", display can be changed using the following keys:

9 turn on / change the size of the board
~ scroll through positions (note: this is the key above the TAB key and left of the 1 key)
TAB switch between different tables
0 turn off

Currently, the following tables are available:

Pos Driver behind
01. Hill 1:43:47.407
02. R Schumacher +0.932
03. Alesi +7.240
04. Frentzen +32.242
05. Diniz +51.682
Shows the gaps between the cars.

Pos Driver laptime
01. Hill 1:47.407 <- 3
02. R Schumacher 1:49.932
03. Alesi 1:47.240 <- 2
04. Frentzen 1:32.242 <- 1
05. Diniz 1:51.682
Shows the actual lap times of all cars. The three fastest laps will be marked.



The following configuration options are available:
Don't show "Fastest Lap by...." if active.
Taken from gp2's color palette, default: 135 (lblue).
Default: 125 (blue).
Default: 151 (dblue).
Show info across the top of the screen.
How many cars to mark on the laptime board, range is 3..9.

Track Map

This feature will show a top view of the track, which will give you the opportunity to know what's going on elsewhere on the track.

For example, during qualify it will be easier to determine when the track is clear (or not, if you want slipstreams), so you can start your flying lap at the right moment. It also helps to know when you can rejoin the track without crashing into other cars after you went off.

The map will show a black track, a gray pit lane, split section borders and all the cars on it as little dots (or off it if they went off-track).


The track map can be enabled by pressing '8'. Press '8' again to change the alignment (left, middle, right). If it's on the left or right, it will also be clipped so it won't distract too much from your race.

While the track map is enabled, press the TAB key to change the zoom level. There are six zoom levels. The smallest one will show you the whole track, and it won't move. The other zoom levels will center the selected car's position, so the track will scroll while you're driving. It will also rotate according to the selected car's speed angle. This can be toggled with m.

You can press 0 (or a different page) to disable the track map. Press ~ (above TAB) to change the track color.

Car Colours

The player cars are blinking red. If the pit light is enabled, they will be blinking yellow.

The computer cars are white. If they go to the pit, they will be yellow. If you select a computer car (up/down arrows), that car will be blinking green, even if it's going to pit.

If a car has retired, it will be dark red. It stays in view, even if it has been removed from the track (it's lying there behind the wall).


The track width may not seem correct sometimes. This is because it isn't calculated, but the pixels are just made bigger according to the zoom level.


The configuration options provided for the track map are:
Zoom level, range 0..5, 0 shows the whole track.
Initial color of the track to start with.
Initial horizontal alignment. 0 = left, 1 = center, 2 = right.
Initial vertical alignment. It's relative to mapMaxY. 0 = top, 1 = center, 3 = bottom.
Initial rotation setting (1 is enabled).
Y clipping. Maximum is the DrawLines setting. Note that the outside view is 400 pixels high. VGA will use half the value specified here.
Dot sizes of cars at each of 6 zoom levels. Default 122358, min. 111111, max. 999999.
Same as mapDotSize, but for VGA. Default 111235.

Car Info

This shows you information about the selected car. It is to provide this info for those that like to drive using the external view. Currently shows the gear, revs, and speed.

It is on a separate page, and can be activated by pressing 1. Pressing 1 again toggles the alignment from left to right.

Track Manager

From version 1.13 onwards it's possible to tell GP2Lap which track files should be used. These can be specified in the .cfg file. The following options are available:
Path of track file. E.g. "circuits\brazil99.dat".
The specified paths have to be relative to the GP2 directory and must be in DOS file name format.

Further options:

Try catching GP2INFO's from custom track files. This info will be shown at the bottom of the track menu. More importantly, this will patch hardcoded tables within GP2 that will fix distances, average speed, multiplayer turns, etc.
Try catching new splits from custom track files.
Draw a simple track map layout in the track selection menu. This replaces the usual bitmap. Default 0 (off).


Since version 1.01 GP2Lap contains ipx network support for GP2's dual-player link mode.

A few notes:


  1. In preparation to starting a link, specify the following in gp2lap.cfg:
    UseIPXLink = 1 MyLinkName = "YourName Here"
  2. After starting gp2lap.exe you'll see:
    >>>Searching players [-]
  3. Once GP2Lap found some players, it will change f.i. to:
    >>>Found 2 players. Choose player -["Paul Tracy" (00001B30BC57)]
  4. Select the player you wanna race against, using UP/DOWN or ENTER key. Next, you'll see this:
    >>>Awaiting reply from "Paul Tracy" [/]
  5. You'll get notice whether the person wants to play with you or not.

Tech Stuff


Version 1.03 introduces HOF2.5 mode. Since version 1.12 it will work in all non-race sessions. You can enable it with the following line in the .cfg file:
hof25Enable = 1
The GP2Lap archive includes an example configuration file for HOF2.5, and a batch file (hof25.bat) to start GP2Lap with this .cfg file.

During this mode, GP2Lap will do some extra checks for hotlapping, specifically for hotlaps that will be entered in the Hall Of Fame 2.5, although it will be of use for other leagues too. So make sure you only activate it when it's required for the league you're competing in.

Extra checks

The following things are currently being checked:

For some of these checks menu messages may appear while loading a track or while saving the hotlap, informing you of the disqualification. In some of these cases (last four of the above checks), the saved hotlap will not contain GP2Lap extended information at all. Visit the analog and digital HOF2.5 home page for more information.


We'd like to thank the following people:

Contacting us

All bug reports, complaints and suggestions should be sent to:

The GP2Lap home page is located at: