HOFxLap version 3.15
Copyright (c) 2000-2014 René Smit
You may not redistribute HOFxLap via any media or for any purpose without the express permission of the authors.


This software is provided as is without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. The author will not be held responsible for any losses incurred, either directly or indirectly, by the use of this program.

What is HOFxLap

HOFxLap is a program that dumps details from a GP3/GP3-2000/GP4 hotlap or saved game to the console.

HOFxLap should currently work with all versions of GP3, GP3-2000 and GP4. If you have trouble getting it to work with your version then please let me know.


There is no installation procedure. Simply copy all files to anywhere you'd like.



hofxlap.exe [-v<verbosity>] <file> [<file> ...]
Wildcards are allowed to specify multiple files. The default verbosity is 3.


Alternatively, you can use a GUI version of HOFxLap, which shows the same output in notepad-like frames. Add files by either opening them or by dragging and dropping them onto the HOFxLapW window.


Currently, HOFxLap outputs the following info:

More info


Version 3.15, 05-Oct-2014
Version 3.14, 21-Jan-2004
Version 3.13, 30-Aug-2003
Version 3.12, 31-May-2003
Version 3.11, 19-May-2003
Version 3.10, 18-Jan-2003
Version 3.02, 20-Aug-2002
Version 3.01, 04-Jul-2002
Version 3.00, 02-Jul-2002
Version 2.01, 18-Mar-2002
Version 2.00b, 28-Feb-2002
Added cc checksum to alternative output (-a option).
Version 2.00a, 3-Feb-2002
Removed trailing 'h' from cc checksum.
Version 2.00, 2-Feb-2002
Version 1.05, 13-Aug-2001
Added an option to HOFxLapW to change the font.
Version 1.04, 13-Apr-2001
Fixed car number.
Version 1.03, 05-Apr-2001
Version 1.02, 26-Jan-2001
Version 1.01, 02-Dec-2000
Version 1.00, 25-Nov-2000
First release. Shows lap time, control method info, driving aids, setup, and more.

Known limitations


Thanks to the following people for help, testing and suggestions (in alphabetical order): Marc Aarts, Anton Dachounine, Faffy, Glenn, Dimitry Gerards, Yuri Kuznetsov, Dan Robichaud, Daniel Ryan, Ian Steel, Willem van der Steen.

Contacting and updates

All bug reports, complaints and suggestions should be sent to: hofxlap@xs4all.nl

The latest version can be retrieved from: http://rsdi.home.xs4all.nl/