GPxCInfo - Blue Theme by Lo2k



This GPxCInfo theme has been built around my original blue counter and has been enhanced to show some of the new features GPxCInfo is offering to GP4 community.


It is composed of 2 panels : A full informative blue counter and a whole new position bar.



The Counter

Counter is enabled by default at GPxPatch installation (if you chose to install it of course).

It has been designed to be used with GPxSAT Digital2004 mode and could be overlapped by some items from other modes.


Here are its items descriptions:

- Car Speed (in km/h) is given by main needle and by the number in the middle right of the counter.

if your GP4 is in mp/h, you can change it to display km/h (in Workshop/Utilities/Menu Setup/Use metric system) or only change wrong km/h label on the counter (go to GPxCInfo Tab and double click on the Counter.ini panel name in the list). On the left list of items, select "Speed Needle". Change postfix field text to "mph" instead of "km/h" and click OK).

- Revs (in rpm) are given by red needles. Counter units have to be multiply by 50 to get rpm, so if red line is on 100, it means engine is at 5000 rpm.

- Gear is displayed by the single number just below counter center.

- Engine Temperature is given by left gauge with "T°". Gauge limits are 80 and 125°C as by default, engine blows up at 125°C. Red area start at about 116°C. If you changed temperature idle/max values in GPxLap tab, you will need to change gauge limits too. Go to GPxCInfo Tab and click on the Edit button front to Counter.ini panel. On the left list of items, Select "Water shadow" item and in the right panel input your new min/max values. Do the same with "Water Needle" item and do not forget to click on "OK". Your gauge will now follow new limits.

- Fuel is given by Right gauge with "F". Max is 20 units (GP4 unit is about 1 lap). As long as you have more than 20 laps of fuel, needle will stay at max and once value will be below that limit, needle will start to decrease. Red area start at 4 laps remaining and at that time, red led will light on to warn you about low fuel quantity.

- Blue background as been separated from figures and you can easily change blue color by any other of your choice. To do this, just open gpxpdata\pnl\lo2k theme\Counter Color.tga file in your favorite image editor and fill the blue with your own color. Save file as 32bits RLE tga file and it's done.


As an option, you can enable gpxpatch built-in PO meter that will be displayed on bottom right corner of the screen. In order to enable it, open GPxPatch, go to GPxCInfo Tab and double click on the Counter.ini panel name in the list. On the left list of items, select PO and check the first "enable" checkbox (front to name field). Click on OK button and it's done.



The Position Bar

This item will add a left bar along left side of the screen showing you at any time and graphicaly your current position.

It's an arcade feature but gives your position in a eye blink.

Position bar is not enabled by default in GPxPatch. To enable Position bar, open GPxPatch, go to GPxCInfo Tab, click on the browse icon at the top and select "Position Bar.ini" file in gpxpdata/pnl/Lo2kTheme/.

Here it is, position Bar is enabled.


Optionaly, you can replace the blue to white bar by a more colorfull one giving you an additional color indication of your position.

To change bar color, open GPxPatch, go to GPxCInfo Tab and double click on the "Position bar.ini" panel name in the list.

Select "Position Bar" item in the left list and click on the "Edit" button on the right. Click on the browse icon on the top right and select the bar you need: "Rule Line.tga" for original blue bar or "Rule Rainbow.tga" for colorful one. Close both windows clicking on OK button and here it is.



Ending words

This work is far from using all the features of GPxCInfo Tab but it gives a framework for any further theme. So feel free to use this theme as base for any work if it can help you to start with GPxCInfo and panels in general. It's up to you now to show us your creativity.


Have a good time with GPxPatch and the blue theme,

Laurent Rousseau (Lo2k)